What Reviews Tell The World About Web Accessibility Programs

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, What Reviews Tell The World About Web Accessibility Programs

In March 2022, the U.S. Justice Department issued a fresh guidance for web accessibility in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. The brief establishes and reiterates how state and local governments, as well as businesses that are open to the public, ensure that people with disabilities have complete and undeterred access to websites and programs.

Covered under Title II and Title III of the law, these guidelines also help agencies and businesses understand why ADA-compliant web accessibility is not only legal but also vital. Programs like accessiBe are already ahead of that learning curve and are constantly striving to improve the process.

Heralded as a cost-effective option that is easy to use, readers searching through accessiBe reviews will see common denominators in how users rate the solution. Quite simply, it works and it works well. However, if you look more closely, you’ll understand why people are so relieved that a solution  like this finally exists.

ADA-Compliant Web Accessibility Is Improving

The mere development of these programs is a great sign that ADA-compliant software is on its way to becoming what it should have been a long time ago. As web access expanded throughout the world, people with disabilities were left behind in the dust. What is widely known as the “digital divide” has long been a pain point for people with disabilities. In fact, these struggles have caused basic accessibility issues, such as access to computers.

While various government programs helped increase access to virtual devices, the software and programs that people also needed were not accessible. In fact, for many companies and websites, ADA-compliant accessibility is still far from where it needs to be or doesn’t exist at all.

Larger Strides Toward ADA-Compliant Web Accessibility Are Needed

While improvements are being made, the world still has a long way to go toward creating barrier-free web accessibility. One of the web accessibility issues for people with disabilities comes from how the world regards the very nature of the disability.

One study from Sweden attempted to “measure” digital divides in the country, including those for people with disabilities. One of the prevalent issues was the sheer disregard that many companies and websites had for that population. On top of that, different disabilities were regarded, well, differently. Some disabilities were seen as being more important than others. While obviously not true, misconceptions such as these widen the gap instead of providing a bridge.

ADA-compliant web accessibility is necessary for people of all abilities. Technology is increasingly web-based. For many, unfettered virtual access is a means to survive, whether that means getting the things that they need or even making a living. People with disabilities are often excluded from free access to many things, including programs and websites. These programs help to make sure that access is there for everyone.

Reviews Tell The Real Story

Many of the reviews for these programs draw quick attention to how affordable they’ve become. ADA-compliant web accessibility is a serious game-changer that can substantially improve a person’s quality of life. That’s one of the reasons why the price is so impressive. A reasonably priced solution that can have priceless results is a sweet deal.

The program uses two different applications for effectiveness: AI and its interface., They thread through different programs, recognize the need for ADA-compliant usability and accessibility, and then give the user a version of that software that they can effectively use.

Real-life users get web accessibility that is ADA-compliant and actually useful. Companies cut down on potential liabilities by not being ADA-compliant. For most, it’s a win-win solution that companies like accessiBe are helping expand to companies and people alike.

5 Steps To Modernize Your Company’s Online Presence

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Company Online Presence|5 Steps To Modernize Your Company's Online PresenceNo matter who you are, you need to find ways to increase your brand’s online reach, and you can choose things like promotions and content. But, if you haven’t focused on the impact of your online image for a while, you might find that it is outdated. This could mean that many competing companies have passed you by, making it difficult to gain a foothold in your industry. If your online presence feels outdated, now is the best time to make crucial changes, so consider these five steps to modernize your company’s online presence.

Work With Design Agencies

You may have plenty of knowledge about your industry. But if this doesn’t revolve around web design, you are better off working with external design agencies who can visit office locations to get an idea of the type of vibe you want to present. From here, these agencies will be able to discuss your needs for your website and other platforms so they can create an easily recognizable image for your brand, clean up your website and social media pages, and make sure your company looks like one that belongs in the modern world.

Check Your Information Is Accurate

All companies must ensure their contact information is up-to-date on their website and search engines. However, these changes are often a low priority, especially when considering other essentials. This can mean that office hours and other details are ignored. But, customers will lose faith in your brand if they cannot locate you, so quickly checking that all your information is accurate (and changing it if it isn’t) is an easy step to help modernize your brand.

Keep Styles Consistent

Consistent styles across all platforms will make your company immediately noticeable. This means using the same font and color scheme. You can also use the right tone with your written content. If you prefer to engage customers through excitement, big and bold words and images are vital. If you prefer a more sophisticated approach, look for understated yet classy images and fonts that will garner interest from your desired customer base.

Maximize Online Resources

There are plenty of online spaces you can occupy, and ignoring the potential of these means your company could fall behind. Social media is the most obvious resource, and you need to make sure you spread your influence across as many areas as possible. This means regular posts on all popular platforms to maximize your chance to reach the right people.

Match Your Audience’s Needs

Creating relevant content that meets your audience’s needs is a fantastic way to drive engagement and prove that you have successfully modernized your approach. You need to understand current content trends, as this makes it easier for you to adapt and stay in the conversation because if you aren’t saying something, you could be forgotten about quickly.


A modern business will always be more appealing to the latest generation of consumers. By ensuring your online presence is clean and contemporary, you can make your company stand out as one worth looking at and frequenting. In doing so, you’ll boost your profits and your reputation to make your company one of the leaders in your industry.

Simple Ways To Increase Your Brands Reach Online Today

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article|Brand Reach|Simple Ways To Increase Your Brands Reach Online TodayWhen you build your own brand, such a large amount of time, energy and money are at stake. You have to ensure that you push your brand to the top of the market, attracting enough customers while making enough profit to warrant your constant dedication.

Fortunately, figuring out how to increase your brands reach so that you can attain the attention you deserve doesn’t have to be a difficult task. This guide contains some of the simplest steps that you can utilize to ensure that your organization can make a name for itself and develop a strong, positive reputation in no time at all.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in finding out more, then simply read on to uncover a wealth of brand building concepts that you can utilize now.

Create A Brilliant Website

A great way to develop your online presence and reach out to a larger audience is by creating your own brilliant business website.

A business website provides you with the chance to establish yourselves on a market that is open 24/7, 365 days a year in every location across the globe. When you build a website you essentially declare a corner of the internet to be your own, providing you with the opportunity to advertise and sell your products or services on a worldwide scale.

If you are not technologically inclined then do not stress, as there are so many web development agency teams that can offer tailor made services that bring your ideas to life in no time at all. Just make sure that no matter which way you choose to design your business website, you always need to use SEO! SEO is absolutely key for all kinds of websites and online platforms seeking to build a wide audience.

Get On Social Media & Sponsor An Influencer

Getting on social media can be a brilliant way to increase your reach online, as one new method of increasing your brands reach online is sponsorship of an ‘influencer’. Influencers are social media users who have a large number of fans or followers, and when you sponsor these people all of their followers will all get to see your product or services.

Social media influencers exist on many social media sites, as well as on their own blogs and other platforms. Finding an influencer in your industry doesn’t have to be a tricky task, as you will likely begin to notice them on your feeds and explore pages as you create your own social media business profiles. Utilize the opportunity to reach out to them so they can advertise your brand for a fee, as they will be more than willing to do so.

Whether they post a picture of themselves using your product or service or write some content that speaks highly of your brand, you’ll be surprised at the amount of new customers you receive once you get the backing of one or more influencers. You can even get in contact with famous faces and celebrities to represent your brand on social media, but of course this will come with a particularly hefty price tag!

The Web’s Best Strategies To Implement In Your Dining Business

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, The Web's Best Strategies To Implement In Your Dining Business

Running a successful restaurant business is not easy. Such an enterprise has many moving parts. And without the right tools, you may struggle to keep your business afloat. Having great food is good. But that alone is not enough to keep you in the game. Incorporating modern digital tools and some of the web’s best strategies will help you thrive. Here are digital techniques you can implement to see your restaurant flourish.

Use Social Listening Tools

The restaurant business is competitive. And if you’re not unique, losing clients to your competitors becomes inevitable. You can have great food. But if the customer service is not up to par, customers will leave. You need to know what people are saying about your business. It’s also critical to find out what they’re saying about your competition. It helps to know if clients complain about a different restaurant. Moreover, you should also be aware when customers are unhappy with the food and service you offer.

Most clients won’t be brave enough to tell you directly that they are unhappy. But be sure they will take to social media and other forums to discuss their displeasure. With Social listening tools, you can take advantage of this knowledge. It helps you improve your services and avoid getting your reputation destroyed online.

Restaurant Management Software

Keeping your business going involves how well you can manage your staff. Managing a restaurant the analog way is difficult. You require software that will get the job done faster and more efficiently than you. For instance, with scheduling software for restaurants, you can manage rosters hassle-free. Such tools also make it easy to handle overtime arrangements. That way, you have a more efficient team.

Work With Influencers

You need to be digitally savvy if you want your restaurant to succeed in today’s world. Managing your restaurant requires more than just knowing about the food. Try to keep up with trends in digital marketing. Today, many businesses get an excellent ROI by working with social influencers. Thanks to social media, the restaurant business is flourishing. For those who know how to work it, this can bring your business many customers. Today, people feel they must show their followers where and what they ate using a picture or a video.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for finding popular influencers. Working with influencers is an excellent way to get your restaurant noticed. If you pick the right influencer, you might not have to run digital ads for a while. Such a strategy works because people feel the need to be like those they admire. Your business can take advantage of this psychology. You can even take it a step further to make an influencer one of your brand ambassadors. If they come to the restaurant often and post it online, you can bet you’ll be attracting more clients in no time.

Capitalize On Social Proof

Today, people want proof that they can trust you before they buy from you. As such, most people look through reviews and ratings before buying. Others go to platforms like Facebook to find recommendations for a good restaurant.

New clients may shy away from trying your food if you lack testimonials and ratings. They may know nothing about the quality of food or experience you have to offer them without good testimonials. You need to have customer reviews on your website. And using Google Business, you can have clients leave testimonials too. Moreover, you can have user-generated content (UGC) on platforms like TikTok. Doing this helps you attract new clients without much of a hassle.

Run Social Media Advertising

When you launch your restaurant for the first time, you must get the word out to as many people as possible. Social media advertising is an excellent way of getting people to know you exist. And the best part is that you can target specific audiences. For example, if you have a vegan restaurant, it’s easy to direct your ads to people who love vegan food. You can target your clients by age, location, interest, and more. Ads are also an excellent way to get people to learn about any offers available. If you have a website, it’s easy to retarget all your website visitors with a promotional advert. Doing this is better than traditional advertising, especially in a big city or town.

Include Video Marketing

Short-form video content is taking the world by storm. And your restaurant shouldn’t miss out on the potential. TikTok, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and Facebook reels can get you a lot of exposure. You can show people what happens at the restaurant at different times. It’s also an excellent way of allowing the public to have a closer relationship with you. The more video content you create, the easier it is for your restaurant to acquire more loyal clients.

Digital Loyalty Program

Speaking of loyalty, you should find a way of incentivizing clients that return to you. As long as you have a database of your clients, you can create a loyalty program for those who order online or offline.

Content Marketing

The more people see your content, the more they think about you. If something is out of sight, it’s likely out of mind. Creating content for your social media isn’t only about getting active clients. It helps to build relationships with old clients. And it allows you to nurture potential customers that might want to try your food. Use a content strategy that enables you to grow consistently. That way, when people think about eating out, going on a date, or ordering in, you come to mind first.

Streamline Local SEO

Most people go to Google when trying to find a restaurant. If you work on local SEO, it will be easy to get discovered online. You can use Google for business to help you acquire more customers. But Facebook and Instagram are also excellent tools for SEO. Creating a profile with the right keywords will make it easy for you to feature at the top of a search result.

The restaurant business is among the most common for people to start. If you want to stand out and thrive, incorporating these digital strategies will help you do that.

The Pros And Cons Of Taking Out A Business Loan

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Business Loan|The Pros And Cons Of Taking Out A Business LoanBusinesses are the driving force behind economic growth. They create jobs, increase productivity and innovation, and drive demand for goods and services. Aside from that, they’re the perfect instruments for community development. In fact, it’s been estimated that every dollar invested in small businesses gives back 67 cents to the local economy.

With the global economy in its current state, it’s easy to see why many business owners are looking at business loans to get their companies off the ground. But what are the pros and cons of taking out a business loan? This article will explore some of these advantages and disadvantages.

What Are Business Loans?

Business loans are funding that allows businesses to pay for large-scale purchases or investments. They’re usually short-term loans designed to help businesses grow and expand. Business loan rates are a core part of the business loan process. They vary depending on the type of loan and lender you choose. They also vary across countries, but you can compare them from one lender to another. See current business loan rates in Australia to learn how the comparison works.

Pros Of Taking Out Business Loans

Business loans are an excellent way to get the financing your business needs. Here are some of the top pros:

1. Keep Cash Flow Healthy

If you’re a business owner, you know one of the most important things is keeping cash flow healthy. If you don’t have enough money coming in, you won’t be able to pay your employees or make payroll. It’s also crucial that you keep the line of credit open so that if an emergency comes up, you have access to additional funds. If you have a business loan with a low-interest rate and no prepayment penalty, it’ll be easy to use this money without worrying about regret.

2. Easy To Get Approved

If you want a business loan but don’t have good credit or any collateral to secure the loan, it can be challenging to find an institution willing to lend you one. A small business loan with no credit check can help solve this problem. It allows anyone turned down by other lenders, usually because of poor credit history or lack of collateral options, to access credit. The lender will not check your credit history or take any other type of security from you to ensure you repay the loan.

3. Quick Turnaround

You can apply for a business loan in minutes, and the approval process is usually swift. In fact, many businesses will receive their funding within 24 hours of applying. Thus, it doesn’t take long to get approved and get the funds in your account. This means that if there’s something urgent that needs to be done, such as paying for supplies or equipment for a new project or an upcoming event, you won’t have to wait around for weeks or months. This time benefit can help your business scale.

Cons Of Taking Out Business Loans

There are some disadvantages to taking out a business loan, which you should consider before making a decision. Some of these include:

1. Interest Rates

When taking out a loan, you’ll deal with fees (called interest) related to issuing and receiving the funds. These fees can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The interest depends on the company offering them and how much money they lend. For example, banks may provide loans at lower interest rates because they offer more security than other companies. If your business isn’t very profitable yet, it may be worth looking into loans from smaller lenders who can give you better deals on interest rates.

2. You’ll Pay Back

No banks or financial institutions will give you a loan and leave you alone. In other words, you’ll need to pay back. You may get a loan with a very low-interest rate, but it could be difficult to pay back if your business isn’t doing well. You should also consider how much money you’ll have left over after paying back the loan. If you can’t afford to make payments each month, it might not be worth taking out a loan in the first place.

3. Credit Requirements

Another disadvantage is that you may not get approved for a business loan if you have bad credit. Bad credit refers to credit scores of 580 or lower on a 300–850 scale. It usually means you’ve had a few missed payments in your history. Lenders will check your business credit history and look at how much debt you have. They also will look at your payment history. If you don’t have good credit or if you’ve been delinquent on payments, lenders may deny your application for a business loan.


Business loans are an invaluable tool for any business owner who wants to grow their company. They allow you to get the funding you need for your business to succeed without the hassle of trying to find investors or partners. So if you’re considering applying for a business loan, take some time to research the pros and cons. Once you know these, choose a lender that captures your business interest.