SEO Strategies You Need to Know in 2020

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |SEO Strategies|SEO Strategies You Need to Know in 2020If you own or manage an online business, you will be aware that you need to nail SEO to drive your sales and beat your competition. What you will also know is that SEO is a constantly changing game, one that requires astute oversight of an evolving strategy. Here are some strategies that are vital to know in 2020.

E.A.T Up

Your E.A.T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) are vital when looking to beat the competition on the search engine results page (SERP). All things being equal, the most trustworthy website – with the highest E.A.T – will place the highest every time. There are different ways of approaching upping your E.A.T, but Searchbloom’s A.R.T strategy is a good place to start. It recommends you focus on Authority, Relevancy, and Technology. That means getting backlinks from high-authority sites only and trying to avoid backlinks from untrustworthy sites, optimizing content so search engines can understand what your content is and who will benefit from consuming it, and having great tech – providing users with great experiences facilitated by easy-to-use websites.

BERT Optimization

In 2019, Google launched BERT, a new algorithm that solicited much attention in the SEO world. However, BERT optimization was different from optimizing for the Medic update or previous algorithmic changes. That’s because BERT focused better than ever on intent instead of simply jumping through hoops. Optimizing for BERT means that your content will have to provide actual value to users, instead of just luring users onto a website with clickbait. Keyword research, once the focus of all SEO, might become an afterthought. The agencies that want to perform well in 2020 will be the ones that actually take time to talk with their customers and find out what sort of content they want to consume.

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UX stands for user experience. Incorporating UX into your 2020 SEO strategy is essential. You need to think of the user journey, focus on how you might be found on the SERP, how your landing page might impact your users, and what they will keep in their minds after they have visited your site (and how you will remarket to them). Google has been promoting good technical best practices for a while – Martin Splitt at Google has been focusing on technical issues for a long time and how they could potentially impact SEO with his blog ’50 Lines of Code’. It was Splitt who single-handedly reduced the company’s use of the infinite scroll by explaining the JavaScript issues that can lead to index issues.

Chrome has also started to issue “slow warning badges,” suggesting that site and page speeds are going to be more important than ever, so optimizing not just how your users can navigate and interact with your site, but also how quickly they can do so, will be key. It will be a hard balance between clever, minimal code and introducing important features to your site that users will love. If you really want to nail SEO this year, it might be time to get a professional coder on board.

Why Should You Use the Content Writing Services Offered by an SEO Agency?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Content Writing Services|Why Should You Use the Content Writing Services Offered by an SEO Agency?1. Content Is the Most Important Factor in SEO!

Nowadays, content is one of the most used marketing methods. The effectiveness of content marketing is very big and most online businesses depend on it to acquire leads. It is very hard to have success in online marketing without good content. This is why content writing services became very popular between marketing agencies and professional writes. Unfortunately, not all content has a good quality and the results, it produces, depend largely on the quality of the content used. For this reason, you must find a good content writer or a company that offers high-quality services. The industry in which the use of content is the most well spread is SEO.

In the SEO industry the content used is the most important factor. It is so important that all SEO experts agree that content is the king of SEO. All strategies that do not include content had become redundant. The content produced by the SEO agency must be of high quality. Otherwise, the results brought by the strategies that they use will have unsatisfactory results.

2. An SEO Agency Needs to Have Professional Writers!

There are many good writers in this industry and a good SEO agency must have several professional writers who can provide content writing services. The requirements for the quality of content are very high in the SEO industry. To produce satisfactory results, an agency will need to use high-quality content. For this reason, any good agency needs to collaborate with good writers.

There are 2 methods through which this collaboration can take place. The first one is through contracts. Many writers work as contractors or as freelancers. The second method is through hiring. An agency will choose between these methods or use them simultaneously. The choice is based on the needs of the agency and the resources that it wants to invest in its ability to provide high-quality content.

But to be a writer for an agency is not easy. The amount of content needed by an SEO agency is very high. This is why it is very hard for new writers to keep up with the needs of an agency. Moreover, the quality also needs to reach a certain level. But writers that can accomplish these requirements will gain massive experience at a very fast pace.

3. Content Writing Services Produces High-Quality Content!

If you need high-quality content, then you should not ignore the SEO agencies that offer content writing services. But you still need to pay attention to the results. If you want to collaborate with an agency, then start small and see the results. After you are sure that the agency can provide you with the content that you need, then you can continue with long term collaboration.

As for checking the quality of a piece of content, there are 4 things that you need to check:

  • Informative. In any business, trust is very important. If you do not have the trust of your potential customers then you will not make any sales. Informative content offers the possibility for a business to gain the trust of its potential customers. If you offer information that will help your future clients, then they are more likely to buy your products and services.
  • Engaging. Although it is important to offer informative content, you need to make sure that the reader is willing to read your content. To do that, you need to make your content engaging. The simplest method is through the use of the second person in the content. By writing like speaking to someone, you will be able to keep the reader engaged.
  • Accessible. It does not matter what is the field of your business, there are experts and amateurs. So you need to make your content accessible for everyone. Make sure that every reader will be able to understand it. If you write using specific terminology of your field, then only those that understand it will be able to make use of the information presented in the article. And the rest will not come to your website again.
  • Original. All the content that you are going to use must be original. By using copied content you will lose the trust of your website’s visitors that will discover the issue. Also, every search engine will know about the copied content and they will penalize your website. On the other hand, the original content will showcase your experience and expertise.

4. The Ranks of Your Website Will Rise While Using the Content Writing Services of an SEO Agency!

As mentioned above, the content used in SEO services is very important for the results produced by any agency. So, if you are going to use the content writing services offered by an SEO agency, then you can also expect to get positive results in your search engines’ ranks.

Nowadays, content can be seen and used in more and more marketing methods. With the rise of technology, it is very easy for any company to target a larger market. For this reason, the competition is continuously rising and your potential customers will have a big number of options from which they can choose. This is why all the top companies fight very hard for the trust of their potential customers. They understand that without that trust, they will not be able to sell their products.

The easiest way to gain the trust of a person is to help it solve a problem for free. And the best method to do that is through information and content. The more content you have to will help your potential customers, the more trust you will receive and, in turn, the more sales you will make.

5. When You Should Use the Content from an SEO Agency Carefully?

Content has many uses in today’s market. And in different fields, there are certain changes that you need to know before using content. For example, the content used in SEO strategies is not very suitable for sales emails. Although certain characteristics are the same, the goal is different and there are certain differences as well.

Without making the necessary changes you will not get top-notch results from content made for SEO. This is why you need to make sure that the content that you get from an SEO agency is optimized for your goals. It is not impossible for the expert writers of an SEO agency to adapt their styles, but not every agency has writers that skilled.

So, if you want to use the content for other purposes aside from for marketing, then you should test the writing services of an agency before beginning a big collaboration. But you can use the content offered by an SEO agency for blogs, website content, and content marketing safely.

6. You Can Use Content Writing Services to Rewrite Older Part of Your Website!

A very good way to make sure of the content writing services offered by an SEO agency is to rewrite old content from your website. Of course, if a piece of content is evergreen then you may not need to rewrite it, but otherwise, it is a wise decision to do so.

If some part of the content present on your website is outdated, then you should replace it with a newer version or make upgrades to it. Otherwise, it will drag your website down. In SEO, search engines consider the overall performance of your website. So, if a part of your website is poor, it will drag the rest down.

The solution is simple. You can use so SEO tools and see which pages of your website have a poor performance and use the services of an SEO agency to rewrite the content on these pages. By doing this you will obtain a big boost to your website’s performance.

7. You Can Use Other SEO services at the Same Time!

Why should you limit yourself to writing services? Make use of the opportunity to find a good SEO agency and try the rest of the services that they offer. SEO is a complex field, and even if you have good content, but you do not know how to use it and what other optimizations should you do, then the results that you will obtain will not be the best.

A good way to maximize the potential of content is to let professionals help you use it in the best possible way. A good SEO agency has the required skills to make use of content to propel your website’s ranks to the top.

Even if you do not want to use SEO, but you still can get some insights from the SEO agency through the cooperation with the content writing services. These insights may be able to help you very much in the process of growing your website. In conclusion, one of the best options that you have is to use the services offered by an SEO agency.

Pushing The Digital Aspects Of Your Business

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Digital aspects of business|Pushing The Digital Aspects Of Your Business Lockdown is easing and with that comes the perfect chance for you to reboots your business. You may have had to diversify your business methods over the last few months and perhaps had to make some changes. Some of which you at be sticking with. However, you may want to look at ways you can push the digital aspects of your business now things are slowly getting back to normal. So what should you do? Here are some suggestions.

Rebrand your website

One of the first things that you can consider doing would be to rebrand your website. There is a lot of focus on online presence right now and with many people choosing to buy and shop online at the moment, your website needs to be up to scratch. Is there a way that you can rebrand your website? Perhaps look at a new logo or colour scheme, new content and layout, and even make it more responsive. These things could improve the chance of visitors turning into sales.

Launch an application

Another thing to consider right now would be an application for your business. Again with so much focus being online, it could be the ideal time to start thinking about an app which could streamline content or sales for you. Experts such as 8base could be a great option to consider to help you develop and app and launch it. It could be an ideal option to boost your digital presence.

Work on your social media presence

There is no denying the importance of social media at the moment, so it might be time to work on your platforms and see how you could improve this. It might be time to start getting consistent with the content that you share, or maybe looking at alternative ways to share your business such as different images or video content. Perhaps it could be a good time to start thinking about engaging and building your following organically. Answering comments and responding to direct messages.

Improve SEO

With so many people going online to shop or find things they need, you now need to improve your SEO the very best way that you can. This might include things such as the content on your website as well as social media platforms. SEO will be one of the ways to direct potential customers and clients from search engines to your website, so it may be time to start thinking about how you can improve the content you share.

Come up with a digital marketing strategy

Last of all, a digital marketing strategy will help you to bring all of the above together and streamline your approach. There is more focus online these days which means the competition has increased, so now more than ever you will want your business to be able to stand out from the crowd. Whether you hire a digital marketing agency or you come up with something yourself, make sure you have some form of strategy in place.

Let’s hope these tips help you to push the digital aspects of your business.

5 Methods to Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article | 5 Methods to Attract More Customers to Your RestaurantRunning a restaurant is hard work. It’s not simply a case of cooking up some food, serving it up to customers, and earning a profit. Many different elements need to be considered. This includes everything from managing a front of house team to the logistics of regularly ordering fresh ingredients.

With so much going on, it can be challenging to find the time to actually market the restaurant.

However, adequate promotion is an essential component for your restaurant – particularly if you’re a newcomer to the market. Established, award-winning eateries can get by on their reputation alone, but beginners have to fight for every customer.

If you’re struggling to get people through the door to sample your food, here are five methods to attract more customers to your restaurant.

Place your restaurant details online

As a starting point, ensure your essential restaurant details can easily be found online. This should begin with both a Google My Business and Facebook page, where you can feature details such as the restaurant’s location and opening times.

Also, it’s highly recommended to create a dedicated website for your restaurant. This site can add further information, including your menu complete with prices and exclusive deals.

Speaking of deals…

Run a limited deal

If someone is undecided about visiting your restaurant, there’s one way to ensure they turn up as a paying customer: offering an enticement of some sort.

What can this enticement be, exactly? Well, for one example, it could be an offer where a customer buys one meal and receives another for free. It might be 20% off the total bill or a significant reduction on a set menu.

People love to feel like they’re getting a deal, and this is an effective way of giving them that feeling.

Use PPC advertising

If your restaurant is in a bustling city with a plethora of restaurant options available, it can be challenging to gain any visibility via local SEO means. There is, however, one way of having your restaurant show up in local search results: PPC.

PPC, aka pay-per-click, is a way of placing an advert for your restaurant above organic results in search results. Mostly, if you use Google Ads, your restaurant will appear first in any relevant local searches. For more information, Made by Factory, one of the leading PPC management agencies around, can provide all the help you could need.

Ask for reviews

Reviews are often the lifeblood for any small business. Positive reviews for your restaurant will help illustrate the quality of your food and service. The more glowing reviews you receive, the more potential customers will believe your eatery is the real deal.

As a result, don’t be shy in asking previous patrons to leave a review if they were happy with their visit.

Don’t avoid traditional marketing techniques

Yes, the above tips primarily focus on digital marketing. However, you should never avoid traditional marketing techniques. Leaflets are an excellent method for supplying potential customers with details about your restaurant. Another example would be to run a print ad in a local newspaper.

This Is How Much to Spend on Facebook Ads

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, This Is How Much to Spend on Facebook Ads

Facebook ads! They whisper promises of high revenue and ROI until they cost too much. People spend up to thousands of dollars on Facebook ads hoping for the best results, but there is usually more at play on how much to spend on Facebook ads.

In 2019, Facebook ad spend reached $25.56 billion, which was a 107% increase from 2016. As a business, you obviously want to try out Facebook ads for yourself, but the question is, how much should you spend on them?

One of the best things about Facebook ads is that it doesn’t matter how big or small your budget is, and you can spend as little as $1 a day and still get results. However, this strategy doesn’t work for everyone, so we’ll help you figure out how much to spend on Facebook ads for your business.

How Much Should I Budget for Facebook Ads?

There isn’t an absolute answer to this question because so many things are at play. You have to consider the exact costs of the click-through-rate, cost-per-click, cost-per-1,000 impressions, and cost-per-action.

When showing your ads, Facebook considers two things; positive and relevant experience for customers, and value for you as the advertiser and how your ads reach your target audience. You get to reach the people who are receptive to your ads, and users get to see ads they are interested in.

Essentially, this means advertisers with the highest monetary bids win. It means that the advertisers with the best value come out on top, so what you need more than a high budget is valuable adverts.

Factors That Determine How Much to Spend on Facebook Ads

There are several factors at play here. You need to consider them to come to a decision about how much to spend on Facebook ads.

Consider Your Bid and How Much You Need to Show Your Ad

Once you create a Facebook ad for your business, you’ll be joining a huge pool of advertisers, some of whom are your competitors. You’ll be competing with multiple businesses for the ad spaces available, and your bid amount will determine how interested you are in getting that spot.

The higher your bid is, the higher the chances of getting that ad space and having your ad shown to your target market. You can set your bids manually, or automatically. Manual bids involve setting a maximum amount of money you want to spend on your ads, and you’ll enter bids depending on how much they are worth to you.

The thing about bidding manually is if you bid too low, you may not get the kind of exposure you’re looking for. You still get what you pay for, even on Facebook ads. When you choose automatic bids, Facebook will decide the bid amount for you and use the entire bid budget to maximize your results.

Consider the Ad Quality and How Interested Your Target Audience Will Be

Facebook determines the relevance and quality of an ad, depending on how it performs. It considers both positive and negative feedback. Positive feedback in terms of video views, clicks, or app installs and negative in terms of the number of people that clicked on the “I don’t want to see this ad” option.

They provide a Relevance Score for all ads, and if yours is high, they show your ad more times than those with a low relevance score. Even better, you’ll get to pay less and reach more people in your target market.

Consider Estimated Action Rates

Estimated action rates refer to how likely people are to react to your business ads. Are the people who come across your ad likely to click on it? Facebook makes a determination based on the past actions of your target market and how many times they have clicked on similar ads and purchased products or signed to the services advertised.

Your Target Market

How many people are you targeting? Your target market and the number of people you’re trying to reach will essentially impact how much you spend on Facebook ads.

Your competitors are fighting the same battle and trying to reach the same people, and the more competitors you have vying for the same audience, the higher the cost will be to reach them. Beyond that, the age, location, languages, interests, and behaviors of your target audience may influence your advertising costs.

What Time of the Year Is It?

Certain peak times of the year, more advertisers vie for the same ad spaces, and during such times, the advertising costs rise as well. Some of these times include holidays such as Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Where Your Advertisements Appear

The Facebook ecosystem is huge, and placement will also determine how much you pay for your ads. Your ads could appear in Facebook’s desktop News Feed, Facebook’s desktop right column, Messenger, Audience Network, Instagram’s mobile News Feed, or Facebook’s mobile News Feed. So, determine which location your target audience is likely to be while making a choice.

What Your Adverts Are Optimized For

Optimization for ad delivery could determine who gets to see your ads. For instance, if you were to optimize your Facebook ads for lawyers for clicks, Facebook will show them to people who are more likely to click on them. This will profoundly influence how much to spend on Facebook ads because any action taken will affect your Relevance Score.

How Much to Spend on Facebook Ads: A Guide

As much as you want to consider how much to spend on Facebook ads, you should also consider your ROI, both financial and social. All these factors come into play when determining how much you should spend on Facebook ads and what you want to achieve.

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