Digital Products Platform

Based on decades of experience and rigorous testing, the Digital Products Platform training program provides you step-by-step instructions for creating an engaging website that effectively markets, sells, and delivers your digital products.

You’re in control.  No longer do you are you held captive to a myriad of expensive, subscription-based platforms to capture leads and deliver your products.  Presented by certified training instructor and website developer, Nathan Ives, Digital Products Platform guides you through the creation of a professionally designed, technically robust platform that includes:

  • Base Website: engaging potential customers through published videos, podcasts, and blog posts
  • Landing Pages: capturing high-quality leads and channeling them into your automated sales funnel
  • Sales Pages: converting leads into loyal, paying customers
  • Delivery Pages: providing your value-adding digital products to customers in a way that further engages them to purchase more

This nine lesson video-based course shows you how to create your fully automated digital products platform.  Whether you have a blog post, ebook, music, software, podcast, video, webinar, training course, and/or newsletter; want to offer one-time downloads, memberships, and/or subscriptions; accept full and/or partial payments – this digital products platform does it all!

Why wait?  The world is in need of your digital products today!

Digital Products Platform, Nathan Ives

Digital Products Platform

Two monthly payments of $550 each

Pay in full and save! One time payment of $1,000

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The Digital Products Platform training program takes you step-by-step through the development and launch of an online platform supporting the marketing, sales, and delivery of your digital products.  This training program contains:

  • 9 video-based training Lessons containing 46 learning Modules
  • Checklists, models, and swipe files
  • Community engagement, comments, and questions per Module
  • 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee


Nathan’s website design automated our social media marketing, online sales, and digital delivery of our products; supporting every aspect of our publication and consulting businesses.  The robustness of our 12+ year old website enables us to host over 39,000 unique visitors and 1.5 million webpage requests every month.  Throughout those years we’ve been able to easily and quickly adapt to digital marketplace trends and update our ‘look and feel’ all while providing seamless service to our readers and customers.

I love my EchoWolf.Solutions website that Nathan helped me design. It is easy to maintain, fully responsive and everyone who has reviewed it, even web design experts, love it. It has resulted in enhancing the image of my business, provided a level of professional elegance yet reflects my personality and commitment to serving my customers. Nathan has an in-depth understanding of Google Analytics, SEO and Lead Capture that he incorporated into the platform design that helps me immediately engage with customers and prospects who visit. Nathan is all about continuous improvement and offers on-going suggestions for best practices to optimize my website investment and realize EchoWolf’s full potential.