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Developing Strong Passwords

Developing Strong Passwords | Nathan Ives | Digital Products PlatformStrong passwords are a cornerstone of cyber security.  In the case of your digital products platform, strong administrator passwords not only protect your website from malicious intrusions but also protect stored customer data and your intellectual property.  Therefore, special consideration should be given to the development of your administrator passwords.

Characteristics of Strong Passwords

Research shows that a combination of characteristics help ensure passwords are ‘unhackable.’  Your passwords should:

  • Be a minimum of 12 characters
  • Include numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters
  • Not be an obvious sequence of letters, numbers, or symbols
  • Not be a word or word combination
  • Not use obvious substitutes such as swapping typically upper and lower case letters

Additionally, you should have a unique password for each important account.

Tips for Developing Strong Passwords

Three methods for developing strong passwords include:

  • Mnemonics: Develop a password using from the first letter of each word and the numbers associated with a somewhat random sentence such as “In 1892, Columbus sailed the ocean blue and discovered America!” becomes I1892CstobadA! (14 characters, 4 numbers, 1 symbol, 6 lower case letters, and 3 upper case letters)  Note that mnemonic passwords tend to be the easiest to remember.
  • Discarded Products: Develop a password using the serial numbers or UPC symbols from two or more common products that you consume and discard such as soda cans, stock paper, etcetera.
  • Random Password Generators: Use a reputable password generating service to develop your strong password.

Final Thoughts…

Password security starts with the design of your password and continues with its own security.  Keep your passwords secure by keeping them offline (documented on paper) and in a secure/locked location.  Additionally, change your passwords routinely to further minimize the chance of your digital products platforms becoming compromised.