Local SEO on Steroids: What Is Schema and How Will It Help You Get More Traffic?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Schema|Local SEO on Steroids: What Is Schema and How Will It Help You Get More Traffic?If a business or website owner is searching for a way to improve organic rankings and SEO, something to look into is schema markup. While it may sound like some type of jargon that only industry pros use, what many people do not realize is schema markup is not that hard to understand or take advantage of.

Schema markup is an important part of Local SEO efforts. It is also easier than it may sound to implement. With a free online tool, it is possible to mark up all website pages without having to learn any new code. Also, schema markup can provide an immediate boost to organic traffic coming to a website. Keep reading to learn more about schema markup and how to use it to benefit any business and grow traffic.

Schema Markup Defined

Put simply, schema is a type of microdata that provides search engines with a better understanding of what a website is about. Remember, search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google cannot actually read and understand the content on a web page. While it recognizes phrases and words, the web browsers do not know what the words mean.

This is why markup is used. For example, if a website contains the word “apple,” it is possible to use schema markup to tell the search engines if the word refers to the technology company Apple, or the fruit. This has a significant impact on what results are shown.

When search engines have more information about a page, it makes it easier to display content that is relevant to the user’s search. It also allows a website to display additional information on SERPs, which will help the site stand out from the others.

How Schema Markup Works

When used properly, schema markup allows individuals to add more information and new functionality to organic results in the top search engines. It is possible to use schema markup for all types of topics and items. Some of the most common ways that schema markup is used include reviews, organizations, recipes, events, creative works, events, videos, articles, videos, people, products, places, and people. There are full lists related to schema markup online.

By adding schema to the HTML on a web page, web crawlers have a much easier time finding it. This is something to keep in mind when trying to decide if schema markup should be used.

Creating Schema Markup

To begin the process in Google, open the Structured Data Markup Helper. The second step is to select the type of data to be marked up from the given list. Enter the URL of the page where the information should be added and then highlight an element on the left side of the page. Next, it is necessary to select the type of the highlighted item and repeat the steps until everything has the proper schema markup on the page.

Getting Help with Schema Markup

Schema markup is going to help ensure people who are interested in what you offer find your page. While it can seem confusing at first, there are professional services that can help ensure the desired results are achieved. For some busy business owners, allowing the pros to handle this process is best.

When Professionals Run Into Problems With Buying IP Addresses In Business, This Is What They Do

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |IP Address|When Professionals Run Into Problems With Buying IP Addresses In Business, This Is What They DoIn business, reaching new solutions are crucial to saving time and money.

So, taking the lid off IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, may also confuse people with regard to IP (Intellectual property), but both are different and yet, play a strategic part in expanding your business’s trajectory in an upward direction.

But, how can you move forward with this in the current economic climate?

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An IP address stands for ‘Internet Protocol’.

What does this mean?

It refers to the unique number connected with the IP address that links to all of your business’s activities, similar to that of a parcel’s return label.

You cannot take your IP address with you when you move from place to place or venture to another country as it is all part of the ‘Internet Protocols’

Economics of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is a critical component governing a high percentage of economic policies. Many Government bodies face headaches, when deciding the design and structure of IP to serve specified objectives that fit new technologies, and the current changing business models.

Strategic Intellectual Property Management

The scope of business plans is not reliant on its commercial aspects, and incorporates all of its assets and resources to make the business viable.

A strong IP protection and management policy will ensure that business planning and IP are strongly connected.

An IP policy for your business is an essential element in your business plan, adding value to your venture, especially if your description within your plan capture this information. However, it may also deflect any interest from potential stakeholders.

Therefore, any IP information must be included in your business plans as clearly as possible.

IP ownership and protection policies inside your business need to be completely durable. There should be no doubt about the products or services either co-owned or owned by the company, in particular any assets that are under license with third parties.

You should also make revisions if this is not the case, as investors heavily focus on IP when considering business investments.

Business Strategies Post Brexit

Many businesses are now frantically wondering what will happen to their companies post-Brexit. The ongoing damaging effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic are a cause for concern, leaving many companies at breaking point.

Here are a few steps to a post-Brexit strategy to keep your businesses buoyant and moving forward:

  1. Develop a course of actions that can float and are unsinkable.
  2. Rethink your global footprint.
  3. Embrace diversity and different perspectives within your company.
  4. Choose your words wisely and lead at a level of transparency so that nothing is missed.
  5. Develop a foreign company policy.
  6. Turn any signs of antipathy in your business into a source of building forward momentum to propel your business forward.

Business strategies need to progress in line with new technologies, and the current constraints of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Essentially leading to businesses rebuilding and recovering from any losses.

How To Incorporate Virtual Marketing Into Your 2020/21 Strategy

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Virtual Marketing|How To Incorporate Virtual Marketing Into Your 2020/21 StrategyWhether you’ve been just starting out your first business venture, or trying to adapt your existing business to the ever-changing working environment, this year has been turbulent for everyone. As the winter months start to set in, now is the time to start thinking about your new marketing strategies going into the new year.

You could well be feeling a sense of despair about the vast unknown of the future, but any marketing expert will tell you that the essence of their job is learning how to handle the unexpected. With this in mind, here are some top tips for incorporating the reliability of virtual marketing into your new strategies.

Put The Effort In To Grow Your Socia Media Presence-

With people spending more time at home than ever before this year, social media has unsurprisingly boomed. People are spending much more time on their phones, and brands are subsequently focussing much more of their marketing attention onto that of social media campaigns and exposure.

It is, therefore, more important than ever to make sure that your brand is present on social media, reachable through it for customers, and consistent in sharing content for, and engaging with, followers. Social media can be a fantastic way to maintain customers long-term, and competitions offering free products or services in return for a follow are one of the best ways to attract new followers and potential future customers.

Professional Virtual Event Production-

If you’re looking to splash the cash with a bit more than a simple social media campaign, then one of the best places to start is with an official event production service. Nobody can know for sure what the situation will be in 2021 in terms of live events, but this does not take away from brand events being a critical part of your marketing strategy.

If you aren’t in a position to be taking risks with the planning of live events right now, why not work with a production service on hosting a creative and unique virtual event? This industry might not have appealed to you before 2020, but it has been established for many years, and those working in it are experts at making even a virtual event one to remember.

Ensure That Your Website Is Easy To Navigate-

You will struggle come-by someone who hasn’t spent more time on their laptop than they would have liked this year. Many have become used to working, shopping, communicating with friends and family, and even reading on their computer screens. Whilst this has made more people comfortable with purchasing products and booking services online rather than in person, it also means that it takes a lot more for a website to hold a customer’s attention.

One way to combat this is to ensure that your website is simple, reliable, and easy to use. Website changes and over-hauls can be a notoriously time-consuming task, so if you intend to attempt one for 2021, it is best to start planning the logistics of it out now.

There you have it, three super important aspects of virtual digital marketing for you to get started on planning for next year. Remember, these things take time. You have plenty of time before 2021 really gets going, so make sure to make the most of the weeks you have until then to ensure you showcase your business the best way possible through your chosen marketing strategies.

Affiliate Marketing: Monetizing Your Website with a Wise Affiliate SEO Strategy

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Affiliate Marketing|Affiliate Marketing: Monetizing Your Website with a Wise Affiliate SEO StrategyThe subject of affiliate marketing continues to attract global attention as the internet space opens. Some people who really understand what it is and how it works have gained significantly. Brands looking to grow their market reach and grow their profit margins also partner with bloggers and other online experts to push their products.

So, what exactly is affiliate marketing, and how is it executed by brands for profitability? In the discussion that follows, we delve deep into various affiliate marketing elements, steps you might take in the affiliate journey, and how to benefit from it. Let’s get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The concept of affiliate marketing involves an arrangement where marketers work with influencers to help sell their products by reaching wider audiences. Such influencers usually have a huge following either through their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform. In exchange, influencers earn a commission when customers follow their leads/links and make a purchase.

In other words, affiliate marketers help to refer or recommend products and services to potential customers through their online platforms, including websites and social media platforms. They earn a commission each time a customer makes a purchase.

In the modern digital environment, affiliate marketing is a very lucrative venture when done appropriately. It can generate good passive income and even turn to a full-time business.

SEO steps to affiliate marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a basic requirement for successful affiliate marketing. But SEO is also extensive and you have to know exactly what needs to be done at what point in time to succeed in affiliate marketing. Use the following SEO tactics to scale up affiliate marketing.

1.Brand or product name in the domain

The domain name is your basic online identity. It should be easy to search and memorable. At the same time, avoid using product names as your domain name even if you have affiliations with the said products. If such products don’t have favorable marketing positioning in the future, it may negatively affect your online presence.

2. Research and brainstorm

Research is the key to online success. It’s meant to help you understand your audience and put out the appropriate message for them. You will also know where to find them, their language, timing, location, among other essential elements about them.

3. Choose your niche

Where do you perfectly fit?

One of the best ways of choosing a niche is picking a field in which you are passionate and knowledgeable and making it your specialty. This specialization is what makes you a knowledgeable authority and brands will be attracted to this kind of authority. There will be a lot to learn along the way but you will be in a better position if you push a product within a space you understand very well. Be specific, focused, and an expert in a given field.

4. Double-check your niche on AdWords

AdWords help to drive sales just like your affiliate marketing efforts. For this reason, it’s important to know the average cost per click of keywords within your niche. This will also help you understand where marketers are willing to spend more money. It also helps to work closely with an Adwords management agency or Joel House SEO Wagga Wagga in your campaign

5. Create great content

Content remains king, and a great part of your online success depends very much on how much you invest in content. In affiliate marketing, the content you put out determines the number and kind of audience you attract. Simply give out the best that you can.

6. Start selling products

The bottom line to affiliate marketing is making sales. However, you need to carefully pick the products to push. Pick authentic, reliable products that make a great impact on customers. This way, you will earn more from increased sales and also get more referrals.

Before making a purchase, potential online buyers check out reviews just to see what others are saying about a product. This is a key factor in their decision-making process, and you need to understand it as you get into selling products. In some cases, you get so attached and associated to the products you push for that customers will blame you for both negative and positive outcomes.

7. Drive traffic to your affiliate site

For your products to make profitable sales, you need visitors to your website. Therefore, make an effort to drive traffic to your site by all means. Most importantly, focus on high-quality traffic that converts or makes purchases as opposed to general traffic.

It takes time to attract enough organic and non-organic traffic to your website. A lot of efforts should be given to getting more visitors to your website because of such visitors, you will convert a few into buyers.

8. Keep hunting for new affiliate products.

If you choose your niche correctly and optimize your affiliate site, you will have several products that you can sell. Look out for products within your niche that marketers want to focus on various times. This should be an ongoing endeavor, and you will benefit greatly by collaborating with marketers who want to take advantage of your established online presence.

The final thought

Affiliate marketing remains a highly effective way of monetizing your site. You can build your website specifically for affiliate marketing or turn a general website into an affiliate site. A key consideration should be carefully picking brands and products that you associate with. Bear in mind that this is a symbiotic relationship in which the brand and you sell benefits from your established online presence while you earn a commission.

Can You Do SEO on Your Website Without an SEO Audit?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |SEO Audit|Can You Do SEO on Your Website Without an SEO Audit?What Is an SEO Audit?

It does not matter if you want to SEO your own website, or if you want to use the services of an SEO agency. In both cases, you will need a thorough SEO audit. But what is that? Well, it is a method used to get as much SEO information about a website as possible. The more information you get from the SEO audit report, the higher the quality of results you will get in the future from the SEO methods. There are several types of information that you should expect to get from this method.

  • Technical audit. On the internet, you will find agencies that provide different types of audits. But most of them are incomplete, and they provide you with information about only one part of your website’s SEO. The technical audit checks the technical parameters of your website. The main parts that need to be checked are the links on your website, its loading speed, and the device compatibility with other websites.
  • On-site audit. The on-site part of the SEO audit must offer you information about the content used on the website. Several factors must be verified. The first one is the originality of the content. Every piece of duplicate or plagiarized content will be penalized by search engines. The second factor is the relevancy of the content. It must be relevant to your industry. And the last factor that must be verified is the engagement level. The more engaging the content is, the better the results that it will produce.
  • Off-site audit. The last part of SEO is for off-site. A reliable audit must check the authority of your website in the industry as well as the renown that it has. To have high authority, you need to have backlinks placed on other websites in the industry. If your articles and links can be found on high-authority websites, then your authority will rise as well. As for your website’s renown is based on the number of backlinks and websites where they can be found.
  • Business assessment. The last part that needs to be found in the SEO audit report is the business assessment part. Nowadays, SEO strategies must be personalized. So, the agency must learn as much information about your business as possible. And it must also research your competition and the best keywords that you should use. All the information obtained from the audit can be used to create an SEO plan that will take care of every SEO related task for your website.

What Benefits Can You Expect from an SEO Audit?

Now that you have a general idea about what an SEO audit is, you need to know the benefits that you can expect from it. It provides a large number of benefits. But only a few of them are notable and easily seen.

  • Solve the problems. The first benefit that you can expect from an SEO audit report are solutions for every problem that was detected. Without it, even if you use a top SEO strategy, the results will be mediocre. Why? Because all the problems will drag your website down, and it will not be able to rise even with the best strategy.
  • Optimized strategy. The second benefit is an optimized and personalized strategy for your website. As mentioned above, every business is unique. And a reliable SEO agency must be able to detect al the unique parts that can be used in the strategy to increase the results that it produces.
  • Increased traffic. The third benefit will come after the problems are solved, and the strategy is being implemented. Your website ranks in search engine page results will start to rise, and you will get more and more traffic for your website. And the more people are visiting, the higher your chances of getting new clients are.
  • Increased conversion rate. And lastly, a good SEO strategy combined with high-quality content will also increase the conversion rate of your website. This means that a higher percentage of your visitors will become leads or customers. This is the final goal of SEO. And only an audit can be used to ensure that all the content on your website is optimized. And it produces these types of results.

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |SEO Audit|Can You Do SEO on Your Website Without an SEO Audit? How to Choose a Reliable Agency Based on the SEO Audit!

Probably the most important use of an SEO audit is to find a reliable SEO agency. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term process. So, you must find a reliable partner that can take care of it for you. So, you can use the audit of an agency and deduce its skill levels from the SEO audit report. But before you do that, you should follow 3 steps to narrow down the options that you have.

  • Find all the options. The first thing that you must do is to find all the options that you have. So, you can use a search engine like Google to look for all the SEO agencies that you can find on the market. The more options you have, the higher your chance to find a reliable partner at a reasonable price.
  • Check the results. Next, you need to verify the results produced by the agencies. Most of the time, you can find them on the agency’s website. And you can use the search engine to check the credibility of the results. Also, you should only verify the newer ones. If they are older than 6 months, then they are not relevant anymore. And you can keep in mind only the agencies that produced the best results.
  • Get some first-hand reviews. The last step is to find the contact information of the agency’s clients. You need to communicate with them and get some first-hand reviews about the agency. This is the best method that you can use to find out how the collaboration with the agency will end. If the clients of an agency are happy, then you will most likely be the same.