The Increase in Global App Downloads Means That Mobile Marketing Should Not Be Neglected

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Mobile Marketing|The Increase in Global App Downloads Means That Mobile Marketing Should Not Be NeglectedMobile marketing is one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing. People are spending more time on their smartphones and consequently, they’re using them for more than just calling people! They’re reading emails, watching videos, browsing social media- all while they’re out in public.

Social media applications like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are the most used apps in the world today and you see more information about the download rates of 2021’s most popular apps here.

With a track record of consistently high app downloads by people around the world, this means that users are actively engaging and using their smartphones more now than ever, thus meaning that businesses have an opportunity to tailor their marketing efforts and campaigns to smartphone users.

Best practices for mobile marketing for online businesses

1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

This is the most important thing you can do! If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, customers will have a hard time viewing it on their phone and are likely to leave. There are many different ways to make your website mobile-friendly, so do some research and find out what’s best for you.

With more people relying on their phones to browse the internet, it’s essential that your website is optimised to look good and functions well on a mobile device. If it doesn’t, you’re going to lose customers fast.

2. Optimise your website for search engines

This is another essential step that businesses should take regarding mobile marketing. Ensure that your website shows up in search engine results pages when people are searching for keywords relevant to your business.

You can do this by using the appropriate keywords on your website and in your content and optimising your website’s structure and design. If you don’t take these steps, you’ll miss out on many potential customers.

3. Create mobile-friendly email templates

Most people check mail on their phones today, so your emails must be optimised for viewing on a small screen. This means using a simple layout with large text and minimal images, and ensuring that all links open in new tabs/windows.

You can also create separate email templates specifically for mobile devices, ensuring that the formatting looks good no matter what type of phone the recipient is using.

4. Optimise for video

Video marketing has become very popular because it’s so easy and accessible on mobile devices. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, but did you also know that more than half of all online activity (including shopping) happens right before or while watching videos?

If your business isn’t taking advantage of this opportunity by including optimised video content on its website, then you’re missing out big time! Make sure that any product demonstrations or other instructional videos are optimised for mobile viewing, and you’ll see an increase in sales.

5. A/B testing for marketing

A/B test is a process of experimentation that helps you determine which version of a particular marketing campaign is most effective. You do this by testing two (or more) different versions of the same and then seeing which one is better.

This is important for mobile marketing because there are so many different ways to reach your customers through their phones. By testing different formats, designs, and campaigns against each other, you can see which method is most effective.

6. Create a solid call to action

If your CTAs aren’t visible enough, many potential leads won’t convert into actual sales. Many businesses don’t realise the importance of having a clear and conspicuous “call to action” on their website or ad landing pages.

Don’t let this be your business! Make sure that when people visit your site, they immediately know what it is that you want them to do (i.e., buy something from you).

This will save customers time by not forcing them to figure out whether or not they should purchase from you before continuing with other tasks on their phones.

7. Integrate with social media

Integrating your mobile marketing campaigns with your social media efforts is a great way to reach more people.
Ensure that all of your social media profiles are optimised for viewing on phones and tablets and include links to your website and other relevant content.

You can also use social media to drive traffic to your landing pages or website and promote special deals or offers. By using all of the available channels, you can reach a larger audience and increase your sales chances.


Mobile marketing is a great way to reach out and connect with your customers on the go, but you must follow certain best practices to optimise for this type of audience.

There are many different ways to use mobile devices as part of your marketing efforts, so make sure you’re doing everything from social media integration to video optimisation correctly.

Long-Tail Keywords Are a Growing SEO Trend

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Long-Tail Keywords Are a Growing SEO TrendIf you want to gather more customers for your business, you need to think about digital marketing. One of the most important components of this is SEO, and you need to do keyword research regularly if you want to stay ahead of the competition. There are a lot of keywords out there, and your gut response might be to try to focus on the most popular keywords; however, this might not be the best strategy. Long-tail keywords might be a better bet for your business. Why is this the case? Remember to visit Onpoint in Dallas to get the most out of your SEO campaign.

What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

So, what are people talking about when they mention long-tail keywords? They are referring to the size of the term. When people use search engines, they tend to keep their searches short and sweet. They usually only use a longer term if they are looking for something specific. That is exactly what a long-tail keyword is. For example, instead of someone saying that they are looking for a “puppy dog,” they might say something like “brown puppy dog,” or “small brown puppy dog,” or even “young healthy puppy dog.” The more modifiers they put in, the longer the term gets. You might want to target some of these terms as a part of your SEO campaign.

Why Might They Be Better?

It is true that long-tail keywords might not be used as frequently as shorter terms, but it is also true that they might be better for your SEO campaign as well. Some of the biggest companies in the world do not target long-tail keywords as often, which means they are not as competitive. Therefore, you might have an easier time ranking for them, increasing your online visibility.

Furthermore, when someone uses so many terms, this is a sign that they are probably ready to make a purchase. If you target the right long-tail keywords, you might have an easier time boosting your conversion rate, which can drive more revenue for your business. For both of these reasons, you should consider using long-tail keywords as a part of your SEO campaign. Even though it can be a challenge to find the right long-tail keywords for your company, a professional team can help you do that.

Work With a Professional SEO Team

In the end, you need to remember to focus on a balance of the popularity of the keywords and the competition they have. This is where long-tail keywords can be helpful. This is a great way for you to target keywords that are still relevant to the needs of your users while also staying away from terms that might be too competitive for you to rank for. If you would like to learn more about long-tail keywords, you might want to reach out to a professional SEO team that can help you. That way, you can put your digital marketing campaign in the best position possible to be successful.

How SMEs Can Step up Their eCommerce Game

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |eCommerce|How SMEs Can Step up Their eCommerce GameIn today’s world, there is a huge demand for online shopping. Rather than going into a physical store to shop, more and more people are choosing to make purchases online, which is why now is the best time to start an eCommerce business. From retail stores with an online presence to full-on e-stores with goods available online only, there are plenty of ways enterprising business owners can cash in on the ever-growing trend. With the right business plan and a bit of know-how, SMEs can capitalize on this trend and generate more income. Here are a few top tips to help you step up your eCommerce game.

Place Focus on Visual Branding

It doesn’t matter what industry you find yourself in or whether you sell a service or a product, all company’s need to focus on creating an effective brand. In particular, visual branding can help you communicate your company’s personality and attract your target audience. An attractive, memorable logo with a catchy slogan can help your business go further. While the colors, font, and typography you choose can help your brand stick in consumers’ minds. With stiff competition, strong visual branding can help your business stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Build an Engaging E-Store

A professional-looking online shop that engages the consumer is a must for eCommerce businesses. It only takes a typo or a bad description to repel potential consumers. Furthermore, your business website needs to be quick to load and easy to navigate. In addition to engaging, well-written content, efficient user experience can help turn site visitors into paying customers. For a website that ticks every single box, make sure you employ an expert in software development. Scrum Launch is made up of a team of experts who have experience in product innovation, marketing automation, and software development. They even provide training in web development in Ukraine for budding developers. These talented developers are then well-equipped to help you build a high-quality, scalable e-store.

Prioritize Delivery Time

Studies show that delivery time is a top priority for many online shoppers. In fact, approximately 87 percent of consumers pinpoint shipping speed as a deciding factor before making a second purchase from an eCommerce company. In addition, 47 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for faster shipping speeds, while 67 percent of consumers would fork out for same-day delivery if they need an item to arrive before a specific date. Placing focus on transport and logistics could impact the number of people who choose to shop with you again and improve the overall buying experience for customers.

Effective Customer Communication Tools

Good customer service can greatly increase the number of customers who return to your online store. At the same time, if you only give bad customer service, it will not only repel existing customers, but it can also ruin your reputation as an online retailer. Effective communication tools, such as email automation and chatbots, can help you streamline your communication, sales, and customer service processes.

How Do You Get 5k Instagram Followers on Instagram?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Instagram Followers|How Do You Get 5k Instagram Followers on Instagram?Growing an Instagram account can be a daunting task for starters. While buying Instagram followers is one of the quickest ways you can increase your follower count, there are many strategies you can roll out to get over 5k followers.

To build a strong following on your Instagram account, you must first focus on what type of content you will be sharing. Even though buying Instagram followers is a powerful way of building a strong online presence, the success of this strategy heavily relies on the quality of content you are likely to share with your target market. The better the quality of content you share with your prospects the higher the chances of getting more followers.

With many brands scrambling for the same market segment, being creative not only puts you ahead of the pack but also improves brand visibility on search engine searches. That way, you can easily cross the 5k Instagram followers without having to break the bank.

Remember hitting the 5k mark on Instagram not only unlocks your growth potential but also opens up an array of opportunities for your profile. To build that initial momentum for your Instagram account, you need to invest in a robust growth strategy. That way, you not only increase the chances of getting more conversions but also improve brand visibility.

In this article, we give you tips on how you can easily get the first 5k Instagram followers without breaking the bank.

1. Buy Instagram followers

If you are stuck on how to grow your Instagram account then it’s high time you try out buying. Although it may be challenging to identify credible sellers of Instagram followers, buying followers is one of the ideal strategies that you can use to get more followers.

Whereas buying followers can help you fast-track your Instagram growth strategy, you must invest in quality content to stay relevant and connect with your audience. As such, you not only increase the chances of getting more followers but also boost your growth potential.

2. Use the right Content

The success of Instagram’s growth strategy heavily relies on the choice of content. Just like Tiktok and Instagram, you can leverage the power of videos and images to grab the attention of the target audience. To gain real followers, you must choose the right style of content that will help induce engagement.

With engagement, you stand a chance to attract more followers and achieve growth. If you have no clue about the type of content that you can use to attract more followers, you can try out a blend of inspirational quotes and informational graphics.

All you should know is that Instagram is mainly a visual platform, unlike Facebook or Twitter that thrives on mainly text content. To identify the right content, you must first identify the type of content that blends well with your brand.

3. Include a Call to Action Button

Every conversation that excites your client ensures you direct it to your sales funnel and close to purchase. The same applies to converting a visitor into 5k followers within 5 months. If you include a call to action button on your post, most visitors are likely to follow through on that action than without it.

Instead of always requesting followers to like or follow your page, be creative with your CTA and drive people towards your purchase buttons. For example, you can request people to DM you with questions regarding your tutorial. That way, you stand a chance to generate more leads than a typical like and share request.

4. Choose the right hashtags

The use of hashtags is a great way of targeting industry-specific followers for your account. If you use hashtags correctly, your brand can leverage trending issues on the hashtag to get more followers. For an effective content strategy, ensure you choose the right hashtags that resonate well with your brand.

If you show up frequently on your follower’s feeds, you stand a chance to get real connections and become a trusted brand in your industry.

5. Share your brand Story Consistently

Most people are likely to follow who they connect with and do business with them. Therefore, the secret to building real connections is through sharing your brand story consistently. When you share your brand story consistently, you increase the chances of new followers stumbling on your content thereby increasing the chances of generating more followers. This not only helps in building a strong brand image but also improves chances of improving conversions.

6. Follow other brands

Following other brands that offer similar services is an effective way of getting more following. To succeed in this, you must first ensure the accounts you follow offer similar services. That way, you can easily grow a truly engaged audience and boost brand visibility.

Alternatively, you can creatively share your content with various influencers and brands to expand your scope. While connecting with big brands and influencers is ideal in getting real followers, you must first identify the right brands that may add value to your platform.

Not every brand that offers similar services is legitimate. Carry out research to identify what people are saying about the brand. This not only saves you from networking with the wrong platforms but also compromises the credibility of your brand.

7. Engage with the audience

Just like any other typical social media platform, engagement helps in improving trust in front of your followers. Whether the response you get from your platform is either positive or negative, responding restores confidence and increases the chances of getting return clients.

Additionally, you are likely to attract more loyal customers if you are responsive. This is because the more responsive you are the more likely you can attract more followers. Lack of engagement not only raises questions about your credibility but also creates mistrust among followers. In that case, you may not be able to appeal to more followers if you aren’t able to dive into their comments, ask questions and even react to their comments.

Should you come across negative comments then you must approach with utmost caution to avoid picking fights with potential customers. This can easily breed bad blood with your target market and injure your reputation.

Regardless of how well you can finance your PR strategy, a negative image can not only be costly to repair but comes with great damage to your brand reputation.


If you are yet to invest time in growing your Instagram follower count, tips highlighted in this article are ideal in helping you achieve your growth potential. Aside from earning from sponsorships and advertising, generating 5k followers for your Instagram account comes with many benefits.

However, in case you find growing your Instagram profile a bit challenging, you can choose to buy 5k Instagram followers to kick start your growth strategy. On the flip side, this may not yield good results if you are unable to invest in creating and sharing valuable content.

It is against this backdrop that we advise you to buy 5k Instagram followers from or any other credible platform. The bottom line is ensuring that you buy real and active Instagram followers to avoid compromising the credibility of your account.

Why Your Brand Needs To Invest In Video

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Invest in video|Why Your Brand Needs To Invest In VideoIf you’re not already on YouTube train and making the most of video marketing for your business, then you need to get a move on and get involved before your business gets left behind.

People now spend around 80% of the time online watching videos and a massive amount online marketers and influencers are currently creating videos as their primary form of content. Video is well worth putting your time into.

Creating a video in-house can be a long and expensive process, especially if you’re looking to invest in equipment like a camera and the best youtube microphone. However, you can make videos that will perform well with a mobile phone and very minimal equipment when you get started. You can also use some platforms to use the skills of online influencers who will create that you can use.

A lot of social media influencers are already creating video content and are willing to share this with brands, but a lot of brands are not yet taking advantage of this incredibly effective marketing tool. Video is often overlooked by brands, but not making use of it, is a mistake.

Here is why you need to integrate more video content into your marketing strategy.

Video Is More Engaging

When you’re trying to research products on the go, most of us would prefer to watch a two-minute video than read a five hundred word article any day of the week.

This is because video engages the sense more than any other format of content. As we can’t taste, smell, or feel everything that we are able to see on our screens (at least, not yet), seeing it and hearing it is the next best thing.

Videos are much more entertaining than articles, and they are also proven to make it easier to consume information. When a viewer is engaged with a video, they will be able to retain a lot more of its message than they would if they had just read an article or a blog post.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Society is pretty tech-savvy now, and people are likely to get their first impression of your brand by encountering you online, so it’s important to get it right.

Your brand’s identity and personality are based completely on the content that you put out into the world, and your customers will form their opinion of you and your business based on the communications that you’re putting out.

Video content is unique online, in that not only can you use it to tell your brand’s story, but it shows it too. Creating video content that is fun and lively is a much better way to showcase the personality of your brand. Video is also much more likely to be viewed, liked, and shared, which is great for brand awareness.

Statistics also show that brands and marketers who make good use of video marketing will grow their revenue about 50% faster than users who don’t take advantage of video. This happens because the more people that know about your brand, the more customers you are likely to be able to attract.

Better Social Reach

Making sure that people can find you online is crucial if you’re trying to grow your brand, and video content is one of the most efficient to extend your online reach.

Social video can generate a huge amount of shares when compared to both text and images, and the more people that are sharing content that your brand has created, the better.

Telling the story of your brand through videos that are created by influencers is an effective way to make use of this exposure, as it will allow potential customers to find your brand themselves.

This means that, rather than being annoyed by an advert popping up, people are able to come across your brand organically, which means they’ll feel a bit more positively towards you.

Influencer Video Is An Authentic Recommendation

Research shows that most people trust friends or strangers when it comes to suggestions on buying decisions over all other forms of marketing for buying decisions.

If you can create video content with a trustworthy online influencer who has an engaged audience or loyal following, your product is bound to sell itself. If you haven’t done so already, now is definitely the time to integrate video content into your brand’s online presence.

Video is the future of marketing, and if you aren’t already using it to market your business, you should be.