3 Signs That You Need to Improve Your Site’s Copy

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Improve your site's copy|3 Signs That You Need to Improve Your Site’s CopySound web copy should be a priority for all businesses, but especially for those that rely heavily on website conversions for leads or sales. If you created the web copy yourself and you had no prior experience, then we’re almost 100% sure it’s deficient. And, even if you had the copy done by professionals, it may be outdated right now. Or it may not be as good as you think. Let’s take a look at a few signs that you need to improve your site’s copy.

You’re Getting High Bounce Rates

If you’re not checking analytics on your site, you need to start doing it right now or you’ll have no idea how your site is actually performing and when you need to make changes.

One of the metrics you’ll see in most analytics tools is the bounce rate. This is the percentage of people who leave your site immediately without checking other pages when they reach your website. A high bounce rate is not necessarily bad, however. A high bounce rate on a single-page informational website with thin content could show that a person found exactly what they needed.

But if you have a multi-page website and rely on your homepage to drive sales and you have an unusually high bounce rate, there’s a strong chance that your copy has something to do with it. Anything over 70% should be cause for concern here, so if this is where you are with your website, you may want to hire copywriting services.

People Keep Asking You the Same Things

If you constantly get asked the same questions when people call, then it’s a clear sign that your web copy is not detailed enough. The more information people can get upfront, the more likely they are to opt in. But, if the information is missing, you’ll get more friction and lose potential customers because of frustration. People shouldn’t be calling you for things like turnaround times, what you do, or your price range, so make sure that you have all of this laid out in your web copy.

You Have Low Conversion

If your conversions are disappointing and below average for your industry, then it may be time for you to hire a copywriter service. You’d be surprised at how a few changes to your copy could drive sales right up. A good website copywriter will be able to make adjustments and test them through A/B testing. You will then be able to see immediate improvements in conversions if this is done right.

Look for an experienced copywriting agency that’s familiar with a wide range of industries, such as https://beesting-digital.com. The right content writing agency will be able to tell instantly where the issue might be and make corrections instantly with fresh SEO content writing.

Your site’s copy will have a direct influence on your sales and brand image, so do not neglect it. Review it as often as you can and consider hiring SEO copywriting services if you feel there’s something wrong with it.

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