Building A Friendly Digital Marketing Plan For 2021

Forbes magazine wrote early on in the pandemic, and further identified that a key component in responding to the crisis lies in digital transformation. Many businesses have identified the opportunity and are working to strengthen digital marketing activities. At a time when flights are being canceled and business gates are closing or shrinking, digital marketing serves as an active channel with no boundaries of time zones and geographical boundaries and allows for business activity, capacity expansion and more. The way in which we used to market traditionally is changing, in all areas. In B2B, too, most of the marketing activity has gone digital So what do we identify? And how are you prepared? As a trend, there is more activity online, literally in the amount of surfing hours. More and more people are using the internet, therefore, marketing is making a larger switch from traditional to digital; even more so than the beginning of the century.

Many work from other work environments than usual or from home and surf from mobiles for their business needs as well. The big advertising companies have identified this and lowered advertising rates during the crisis. Those who continued to advertise gained an opportunity for exposure and prominence. Now, even in B2B, contact is also made through social networks, including requests for technical specifications and quotes. This direct connection with the buyer, sometimes gives a close look at our new and potential customers beyond those we have known so far. Digital marketing has turned a marketing effort into the center of gravity of the business – a channel open to communication 24/7 So what exactly is the change in marketing channels?

Changes across all areas

Network exposure has more value today If network advertising was once considered a luxury and a place for updates for special activities or consumed by certain populations for certain needs, digital channels are now a cornerstone of any business – a real mouthpiece and a direct means of receiving inquiries and providing a truly valuable response to customers. The demographics of the seekers have also changed and millennials now make up the majority of buyers.

Studies show that B2B buyers conduct online research just like a final consumer, before turning to a company. That is why, having a great online presence is going to help sell the business. People put trust and faith into a company that has a good online reputation, a good website, easy contact information and they can see what other people are saying about the brand too. The discourse is moving to digital and digital marketing channels have become power multipliers. With direct inquiries and targeted messages, it is possible to reach a variety of target populations and audiences and generate exposure to potential customers and even, generate interest and receive real inquiries. And this investment is long-term. A successful infrastructure will serve you well even when you decide to open an online store or a special area for distributors to download content and marketing tools efficiently and quickly. All together it will create a complete ecosystem that is your new business environment. It’s time to renew things! Companies are also exploring saas marketing in 2021 which is something to read up on.

How does digital transformation serve us?

It is definitely worth establishing digital marketing capabilities because our customers, business partners and distributors are already changing their behavior according to constraints and should be prepared accordingly. The expectation of easy and convenient access to information about the service or product you are looking for, accessibility to contact, receiving a quick and even immediate response requires preparation accordingly, including automation for response in other time zones. The gates have opened and we can work globally and now more easily than before. Budgets vacated from canceled exhibitions and flights, can now be invested in activities that will benefit us and can be measured live. No need to wait – the results are noticeable straight away because as with anything on the internet, there is instant gratification. The questions to be asked are: Are you interested in the ad, commenting on the message and contacting us? And who exactly is the company? Where is it located? People can find this information immediately on social channels and therefore these are the channels to invest in and how to direct the annual budget.

Building an ecosystem for winning digital marketing

We will donate a lot if we know how to appear and be exposed on a variety of platforms, of course in accordance with our product or service. As we create a denser ecosystem, we will increase the chance of creating a hook that will raise the next lead. In the components of the ecosystem, it is worth preparing the following:

  • Understanding your target audience – what and where they are looking for.
  • Original professional content with a tailored answer
  • Reviews of the product and services
  • Visual materials match for prominence and reinforcement

Visual content

The visual content is already used for searches in a variety of channels, including of course shopping through online advertisements. Interactive content such as surveys, 360 greatly raises the interest as well as video and voice search is also here and the preparation for it should include reference to the manner and length of the wording. Mobile adaptation is of course a must in an age where browsing is done from anywhere, individual-level appeal whether on mailing or ad platforms also yields better results than general inquiries to our audience made up of individuals who appreciate addressing their unique need – even when the customer is a company.

Business flexibility

A long-term strategy is a necessity for the business, but the recent period has shown us how important it is to be prepared even with short-term goals and objectives for quick wins. It all depends on the general business purpose of the company, of course. Accordingly, metrics will be set, accurate and improved as the process progresses. It is important to understand the great advantage in that with one click, a campaign can go up and down, a target population can be created for us based on insights and increasing the exposure is also possible relatively easily by budgeting. It’s time to make the most of 2021!

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