Business: Dealing With The Digital World

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Digital World|Business: Dealing With The Digital WorldFor businesses, it seems that everything is going digital. Long gone are the days where it was filing systems and a ton of paper being relied on. Offices used to look far different to what they do now. Don’t get us wrong, there are definitely still going to be filing cabinets with a million different pieces of paper in, but they have become more like storage now. We’re living in the modern world now where technology is pretty much ruling everything that we do. From the phone calls we make, to the websites we load, the internet or something digital is always involved. So that’s why businesses are now having to adapt and evolve to make sure that they have a big enough digital presence, and an understanding on how to grow it and how to use digital aids to do so. If nearly everything your business does is based online then this article is going to be great for you. We want to show you how you can deal with the digital world head on with some great tips. Keep on reading to find out more.

Why Are We So Digital?

This is the first thing we wanted to talk about because we think it’s important to understand why we’re so ruled by the digital world, and it’s simply down to the invention of the modern smartphone. Interest no doubt started when the internet was created and computers became slightly more modern. A dial up connection would have been used to slowly load even the smallest of pages. But this gave people a taste for the internet and a taste for what else would be possible. People started to rely on the internet like never before, meaning the demand grew. Then came the smartphone, which most of us are now glued to and can’t go a day without. We can Google whatever we need to and have the answer within seconds. We can Google and business and know so much about it within seconds. So businesses are now having to understand that people want to do everything through their smartphones. They don’t want to have to go out of their way and go into a shop when they could do it all from the comfort of their own home. So that’s how the world has become so digital, the demand began to grow as new technology was introduced and the public realised how easy it was to access a business through the internet.

Understanding Customer Wants

This is probably the hardest thing to do because we believe that the customer wants are always changing, and the customers can be very demanding. They might want something one day, and then want something completely different the next. To understand your customer wants we’d recommend doing some market research. Their wants are going to be similar to their needs, except their needs are going to be the side you work on. The wants of a customer are what you can build the basis for the needs around. Some of the wants are going to be far too outlandish for what you might be able to achieve. Market research is a great way of getting the bigger picture. All you have to do is send out questionnaires, or perhaps put one on your website for people to complete before they start browsing. Not everyone is going to be willing to do this but the information you do get should be enough! Just make sure that you leave the questions open-ended so that you can get a more well rounded answer. You can then use this information to better your company in the eyes of your customers. The only time that you should really listen to your customer wants is when something has gone wrong. Perhaps their order was wrong or they’ve received it late, or perhaps it just wasn’t to the standards that they would have hoped. When this is the case and you have an annoyed customer on your hands, bend to their wants and make sure that they come out of the situation happy.

Understanding Customer Needs

Customer needs are definitely important to the end goal of your business. The more needs you can meet, the more successful you’re going to be. To understand your customer needs we think it’s important to adapt your business to what they’re asking for. If they need a business to offer a slightly cheaper, yet more durable product, why not try and achieve that. If they need a business to order services from where they can track the progress of that, why not have a dashboard created for them to log into. There are so many ways that you can truly meet the needs of your customers. It’s always good to work on any feedback that you get, especially negative ones. If you’re always having complaints of a website that doesn’t function very well, for example, you might need to change something about that. Rather than just focusing on what you need to do to make the most money and to make a sale, you need to think about ways of acting on information you’re given by customers. In the long run this will definitely help to improve the amount of money that your business can make.

Utilising Your Database

Your database is definitely going to be one of the staples to your business. It’s a database full of all of the data that you will have collected over the years, about customers, sales, marketing, and anything else that you’ve managed to cram into your database. All of the documents are something you’re going to heavily rely on. As your business grows and the amount of documents you have grows with it, it’s important to think about how you can organise and utilise this whenever you need to. One way of doing so is to get a company to do it for you, especially if you have no knowledge of what you’re doing. DocuWare document management solution is just one route you might want to try. You need to be working with a company who understands your data and understands how you need to use it. It’s also so important to have a firm understanding of your database and how to protect it. There have been too many instances where hackers have got into a company database and have stolen so many different customer pieces of information and used it to commit fraud. Cyber security is more important than ever before, so you need to focus on changing your passwords regularly and always making sure they’re strong passwords, and working alongside cyber security businesses who can put extra measures in place for you.

Creating A Website Ready To Sell

Your website is going to be the main selling point of your business. As we said, everyone is glued to their mobile phones and if they want to start browsing, the internet and a website is the first place they’re going to go to. So if you have a sub par website you’re only going to damage your business. If it’s slow to load, the images are of poor quality, and your products are hard to find, then you’re going to lose credibility. It might be wise to work alongside a web developer to spruce up your website. Make sure you have an about us page, especially as a small business. Customers want to know that you’re trustworthy. You also need to think working with a professional photographer to make your images stand out more. Finally, it would benefit you to have your website SEO optimised. Have content created that’s SEO friendly so your website can rank higher in search engines. That’s the main trouble small businesses have, when people search for a keyword to find a product, their website might be 10 pages back, and nobody goes back that far! SEO is a marketing technique that aims to bring your website to the first page, especially when people are searching for keywords.

How To Be More Noticed

Following on nicely from the last section, you need to find ways to make yourself more noticed as the digital world is just so big right now. One way of doing so is to use the SEO that we were talking about. Campaigns might be more expensive but they are worthwhile for your business. Making your website stand out more is also going to make you more noticeable. But to truly stand out you need to make sure that you’re being different from everyone else. You need to make sure that your business is bringing to the table something different that people haven’t been able to experience before. If you’re just the same as every other business selling the same thing you are, the businesses who are bigger and more established are obviously going to get the majority of the attention. Find ways of finding a gap in the market you’re in, and go for it, trying something new is always good for business.

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