Do You Need To Focus More On Your Mobile Audience?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Mobile Audience|Do You Need To Focus More On Your Mobile Audience?Mobile is a huge portion of the online selling zeitgeist. People are shopping straight from their phones, and a lot of money can be made in simply allowing yourself to be accessed from every single device out there. But when you’re trying to build a full round business, it can be easy to forget about your mobile audience. You can lose focus over time, and that’s what this post is here to address. Here are some reasons you should realign your selling power to the mobile world.

It’s Easy to Market Via Mobile

If you’re on someone’s phone, you’ve got a direct link to their attention no matter where they go. Your app is downloaded to their home screen, and that gives you marketing power like no other! You can send ping notifications every single day, featuring personalized messages and offers, and that goes a long way to making your customer feel special.

It’s one of the main reasons around 50% of all small businesses build their own apps, so why not follow suit? Get onto your customers’ phones, allow them to curate their app experience, and then sell directly to them with a little nudge every now and then.

You Need to Be Where Your Customers Are

If your customers are out and about, or they’re at work, or they simply can’t be bothered to get up and grab their laptop, they’re going to use their phone to shop! So you need to meet them where they are to capitalize on this. If they have to move, they may not shop at all.

Developing a mobile friendly website doesn’t have to be hard; you can pretty much run a headless shopify store that’s optimized to fit smaller screens in just a few days. And aside from that, the more simple the website is in its design, the easier it’ll be to convert for your mobile audience.

Mobile Websites Are Search Engine Friendly

Did you know that search engines tend to rank websites that are optimized for mobile higher than those that aren’t? If you’ve already got a good grasp on your SEO, this could be the next step to reach the height you’re not quite hitting. It helps more websites fully target the keywords they put time and money into, and you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you miss out!

Not to mention just how many people use mobile over computers these days. Make your website ready to be used by those just scrolling through their phone and you’ll organically grow your popularity online. While you’re at it, try to make sure your mobile website version loads as fast as the usual desktop version – there’s nothing more awkward and traffic killing than a website that takes ages to open up!

Focusing on your mobile audience tends to pay dividends! Take some time to build a website that can be used by those on their phones and watch your traffic grow tenfold as a result.

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