Engagement After the Bounce: Getting Visitors Back to Your Website After They Leave

Engagement After the Bounce | Digital Products Platform | Nathan IvesVisitors leave your website for a host of reasons.  But the fact that they opened one or more webpages indicates interest in your content.  Additionally, their visit means you now have better access to these people.  The question is how to reengage these individuals who, because of their interest, are more likely to engage with you than those others surfing the web.

Exit Popups

One highly effective method for reengaging those departing your website is a popup offering an additional value piece, a lead magnet, in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address.  Such popups appear when the visitor attempts to leave your website (mouse off of the webpage, close the webpage or tab, or click a link to leave the site), hence the name exit pop.

Regardless of the lead magnet, those signing-up should be entered into an email autoresponder sequence to fully reengage them with your website.

Branded Popups on Linked Sites

Providing links to other websites offers visitors additional value but takes them off your site.  StartAFire is a free link shortening service that places a popup at the bottom of the linked page.  This popup is fully branded with your favicon and website name; providing attractive, graphic links to two of your website’s pages.  Consequently, these popups seek to reengage those who have already expressed interest in the content on your website.

Push Notifications

A staple of smartphone engagement, push notifications are now available with some browser limitations on desktop and laptop computers.  PushCrew is an initially free service that enables push notifications to be sent to those who authorize such messaging via a popup appearing at the top center of the webpage they visited.  Like email newsletter signups, who better to reengage than those whose chose to receive additional outreach from you.

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