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Five Things You Should Advise Your Client to Do with That Defensively Registered Domain

As a trusted legal advisor, you have taken valiant measures to protect your client’s brand against evil cybersquatters, typo-squatters, domain tasters, and other nefarious enemies by defensively registering a domain. Your client has already spent money to buy the domain, so why not provide your client additional value by encouraging him or her to put […]

Social Media Account Name Alignment

Like all other elements of your brand, aligning your social media account names will help establish recognition, trust, and engagement with your audience.  A consistent naming convention also serves to reinforce the connection between you and your audience across all of your digital platforms.  So while this exercise might be a little tricky, it’s a […]

Philosophy of Above the Fold

Getting visitors to your website is hard work and can be expensive.  Keeping those visitors engaged after just a few seconds is even more difficult… so don’t make them scroll! Research shows visitors must be immediately engaged in order to keep them on a particular webpage or website.  Here are the sobering statistics: 60 seconds […]

Stylistic Uniformity

With the myriad of communications bombarding your customers, it’s increasingly important to get your message across as quickly and concisely as possible.  In fact, the average person’s attention span is only 6 – 8 seconds! Effective branding visually conveys your message in a manner that subconsciously communicates key elements of your message without words.  Think […]

Developing Strong Passwords

Strong passwords are a cornerstone of cyber security.  In the case of your digital products platform, strong administrator passwords not only protect your website from malicious intrusions but also protect stored customer data and your intellectual property.  Therefore, special consideration should be given to the development of your administrator passwords. Characteristics of Strong Passwords Research […]