Have You Outgrown Your Web Hosting? Here’s how to Know

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Web hosting|Have You Outgrown Your Web Hosting? Here’s how to KnowA business website is a necessity these days because most people expect to find information about you through a single online search. Web hosting is a crucial component of your website as it determines the experience people have when they get on your website. Choosing a web host can be complicated and when you find one that works for you, you never want to think about going through that process again. However, needs change, and businesses outgrow their web hosting. Here are five things to think about to know whether your web hosting still works for you or whether you have outgrown it.

Cheap Hosting

It is perfectly OK to get cheaper hosting if you have a smaller website. The option available is often shared hosting where you have more than one customer on a single server. The problem with shared hosting is that someone else on the server could be using all the resources sending out emails or running scripts. These actions lead to slowdowns on your end and your visitor will have an unfavourable experience.

The good news is that there are a lot of dedicated server and Virtual Private Server options available where other users will not be an issue. There are also web hosts that concentrate on specific types of websites such as blogs for e-commerce websites. To help you find the right web host, head to this link to learn more. There you will find everything you need to know about web hosting. You will also find additional information and resources on how to start and run a successful blog, from how to do SEO properly to monetizing your blog.

Load Speeds

The load speed is related to your load times (the time it takes for the website to fully load). A faster load speed means low load times and a slow load speed means high load times. Faster load speeds offer a better user experience and reduce the chances that visitors leave your website without interacting with it.

Second, your load speeds affect your ranking on search engines. A low load speed and thus longer load times could lead to your website being ranked lower, reducing the number of people who see and visit your website.
Lastly, load speeds are crucial for mobile visitors. These are the people most likely to swipe away if the load times are too long. There are numerous factors that impact website load speeds, with your web host being a crucial one.

If you find that your website’s load times have been increasing or are no longer acceptable, you may have outgrown your web host.

Performance During Peak Hours

Apart from additional users on your server, your allocated resources can also cause a degraded performance during peak times. This happens a lot with e-commerce websites that require a lot of RAM. If you find your website running slow or your shopping cart acting sluggish, the server resources available are not enough for your needs, and you need to find a new web hosting provider.
Your web hosting has a huge impact on your website or blog and thus your business. It is important to continuously assess whether the hosting is enough for your needs and to consider seeking alternatives if it is not.

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