The Effective Tips To Maintain A Proper Ratings And Review Strategy

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, The Effective Tips To Maintain A Proper Ratings And Review Strategy

LinkedIn members can write a product and service review, which is visible to other members of the social media network. They can choose a star rating from one to five and write a description of the product in as many words as they like. They can also include their user name and choose key strengths or weaknesses of the product. LinkedIn users can leave one or more reviews, but they must confirm that they are legitimate customers.

If you want to add a product or service to LinkedIn, you should first create a product page for your business. Once you have created the product page, you can invite other members to rate your product or service. Once approved, the product page will appear in the ‘Products’ tab of your company page.

Product pages on LinkedIn are a great way to showcase your offering and convert qualified leads into paying customers. They also enable you to gather customer feedback and five-star ratings and even link to e-commerce sites. LinkedIn will soon be introducing a new product page format, which serves as an online store without a payment process. Product pages help promote your products by boosting credibility and encouraging confident purchases.

Establishing A Product And Service Reviews Strategy On LinkedIn

This article will show you how to establish a product & service reviews strategy on LinkedIn. You will also learn how to design your LinkedIn business page and utilize hashtags in your content. In addition, you’ll learn how to prevent slanderous comments in the product review section. Follow these steps and your LinkedIn business page will soon become a source of raving fans for your brand.

LinkedIn Polls

One of the best ways to collect feedback from customers on LinkedIn is to create a poll. A poll allows you to collect information about your customers and the type of content they prefer. However, you need to take care to present your poll interestingly and include relevant content.

Make sure to space out your text in a way that people can scan your content. One way to do this is to make each paragraph one sentence long. This will help your poll stand out from the rest. A poll is an excellent opportunity to generate fresh leads and to build your profile reputation.

LinkedIn polls are great for gathering feedback from a wide range of audiences. They allow you to gauge interest in a new product or service, gather customer feedback on a new idea, or identify people who would be interested in taking a survey. Because of their broad reach and ease of use, they are also ideal for lead generation.

SMS Surveys

When conducting SMS surveys, it is important to know your goals. By knowing your goal, you can tailor your questions to meet that goal. Also, consider your audience and sample size. If you want your survey to be successful, consider sending it at a time that is convenient for your participants.

You can also use a dedicated mobile phone number to send your survey. This will help customers recognize the survey and increase response rates. You can also set up automated responses to track the response of your customers. Keep in mind that SMS surveys are short and simple, so avoiding long and complicated questions will ensure a better response rate.

You can use SMS surveys to promote new products and services. These surveys are especially useful for gathering feedback from your customers, especially those from younger generations. SMS surveys also allow you to personalize your surveys with information specific to your target audience. This means that you can send personalized text messages that will entice more people to complete the form. You can use the information you collect to improve your business.

Online Chats

When conducting online chats with customers, there are a few effective tips that will make your job easier. One of these tips is to keep in mind that you have a limited character limit. To make the most of this space, make sure you start your message with a catchy phrase. If you can manage to keep customers’ attention, you’ll increase the chance of receiving positive feedback.

In addition to helping close sales and solving customer issues, live chats are also great for gathering feedback. Reviewing chat transcripts will help you learn what areas need improvement and can help you reduce customer support resources. For example, frequently-mentioned topics are likely to be problematic areas, so addressing these issues will minimize the need to hire more staff.


There are various methods available to collect feedback from customers. Some of these methods include SMS surveys, online chat, Mobile beacons, and LinkedIn polls. You can choose the method that works best for your business. These techniques are easy to implement and can give you the right results in no time.

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