The “Golden ISA” of Post-Pandemic Business Presence

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Post-pandemic Business|The "Golden ISA" of Post-Pandemic Business PresenceThe pandemic has completely transformed the business environment. As a result, companies of all sizes have adapted to meet the new challenges. Maintaining your interactions with remote customers is no easy task, especially for small shops and businesses that are more experienced with face-to-face practices.

The post-pandemic business world focuses on digital strategies. Your audience has learned new behaviors during the health crisis. Therefore, if you are going to digitize your company presence, you need to ensure you can meet the new expectations of your customers. Not sure where to start? Here’s a clue for you: Golden ISA. Indeed, business experts recommend the GISA or Golden ISA approach to bring your small company to the post-pandemic requirements.

Golden Google

G in GISA or Golden stands for Google. As the leading search engine platform, your Google presence needs to be part of your strategy. Indeed, Google is the holy grail of marketing and customer acquisition for small businesses. In a post-pandemic world, being visible online requires dedicated SEO. Experts recommend local SEO strategies that utilize the benefits of Google Maps, using Google My Business. Boosting your local rankings means that your business is more visible to local searches and mobile users in your vicinity. Additionally, your Google Maps presence can provide all the information customers need before committing to a visit or a purchase: Reviews, opening hours, photos, and targeted content.

I for Information technology

There is no going any further forward with dedicated IT services. For most small businesses, having an in-house IT team is not an option. Therefore, you need someone who can help manage cybersecurity risks, tech issues, and IT network to make the most of your resources. When IT is at the core of your business processes, you can’t afford delays or frustrations. SMBs need to compete with corporates in terms of IT effectiveness, reliability, and security.

S for Social media

People are looking online for your brands. They turn to your social media network for support, inspiration, guidance, and information. Your social media activity will help position your brand’s attractiveness and popularity. Unfortunately, social media channels are a crowded place. If you want to get noticed, you need to make sure your strategy differentiates your brand from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to start new trends rather than relying on the overused marketing content and campaigns. Ideally, partnering with a professional agency can enable you to be creative without committing a costly faux pas.

A for Almighty apps

A responsive website doesn’t match the functionality and ease of use of a mobile app. Indeed, apps can significantly increase your sales with unique features such as notification, discount, and simple payment methods. A business application doesn’t need to compete for visibility on search engine result pages. On the contrary, customers can have direct access to your products without the risk of competing brands affecting your reach. In an age where most people carry their smartphone everywhere and rely on it for most of their interactions, a business app is the safest way to always be by your customers’ side.

Your online presence must meet the needs and behaviors of a post-pandemic market. The smartphone is at the heart of many interactions, from information research to transactional exchanges. Therefore, maximizing your efforts to be visible and user-friendly to local users and smartphone buyers can go a long way. Finally, it’s crucial to maintain your tech up-to-date and safe for all in a digital environment. Without reliable tech, your business activities become less effective.

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