5 Problems No SEO Expert Should Solve — And Why You Should Fix Them First

Nowadays, relying on search engine optimization experts to improve your online visibility is a good business practice. Indeed, working with a professional SEO Company can positively affect your ranking in the search result pages, help drive more organic traffic to your website, and generate more leads. Your SEO strategy can be highly effective in maximizing lead generation. After all, SEO guarantees visibility on one of the most trusted brands in the world, Google. Being seen and found in Google search is a recipe for success.

Additionally, unlike advertising campaigns, organic leads coming through your SEO activities are “free”. While this doesn’t mean that a partnership with an SEO expert is pro bono, there are no advertising fees or cost per click with search engine optimization. Your SEO results can also help lower your advertising costs. For example, SEO-optimized pages decrease their average bid costs on Google AdWords. In other words, SEO can drive leads, increase brand awareness, and decrease other marketing expenses.

But it is important to understand that while SEO can be a highly effective strategy, it isn’t a miracle solution to solve all business problems. Here are 5 things you can’t expect from your SEO specialist.

#1. Figuring out the rest of your marketing strategy

An SEO partner focuses their energy on developing your SEO plan. When it comes to determining other marketing activities, your SEO contractor is the wrong point of contact. Indeed, high level marketing activities such as market data, marketing budget, or even marketing objectives will be defined by your business plan. Your business plan acts as a guiding map providing clarity on your business services, objectives, and strategy to achieve these goals. As a result, marketing will be determined at this level.

If you struggle with the creation of a coherent marketing strategy, it can be useful to reach out to a marketing strategist who can assist with this part of the business plan.

#2. Creating new content to inspire future products or services

While SEO-optimized content generation can be one of the services, your SEO copywriter will not provide content for a service or product that doesn’t exist. SEO-optimized content means that your SEO partner can help make your existing services and products more appealing to search engine platforms. The SEO copywriter is not a fiction novelist. They can’t invent what your services should be like.

If you need SEO content, you have to provide all the necessary information to your contractor, including:

  • What services you offer
  • Who your target audience is
  • What problem the services can solve
  • What your keywords are and which words you wish to rank for
  • How customers proceed to purchase or order
  • What your USP is (Unique Selling Proposition)

#3. Designing your website

Here’s an important distinction that many businesses fail to make. A website designer will develop the design and layout of your website, including the use of graphics, videos, and sounds.

An SEO expert can provide technical SEO improvements through the additions of schema markups, for instance, to your HTML. While many SEO specialists have a strong understanding of coding language to improve your SEO ranking, they do not utilize their coding know-how to upgrade the site’s layout or appearance.

If you wish to launch a new SEO-friendly website, you will need to plan a project that involves both web designers and SEO professionals.

#4. Managing your social media profiles

Social media managers are in charge of your social media presence. An SEO expert can provide support, such as creating tracking-friendly SEO URLs that can be shared on Twitter or Facebook. These links can make it easier to figure out where your traffic is coming from and which social media platform drives the highest conversion rates.

But the social media involvement for SEO stops right there. Creating engagement on social media and reaching out to your customers online is something you should entrust a trained specialist, aka a social media manager.

#5. Providing intelligence on the next market trends

Competition monitoring belongs to the regular tasks of an SEO contractor, as they track the ranking and keyword choices for your competitors. Yet, it is easy to confuse SEO monitoring and competition analysis at a business level. Your SEO agency is not designed to capture market intelligence about business choices and trends of your competitors. It is the task of a business and market analyst. The results observed can be used as part of a new business plan, which can affect your marketing strategy as a whole and your SEO activities in particular.

If you are going to make the most of your SEO activities, it is of the utmost importance to entrust experts with activities and strategies within their area of expertise.

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