5 Proven Ways to Create Eye-Catching Video for Social Media

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Video Marketing|5 Proven Ways to Create Eye-Catching Video for Social MediaWhether you have a product you want to sell or wish to reach more people on your social media, video marketing is a tried and tested method that guarantees results.

There are various challenges that the modern day content creator faces. Most social media users are overstimulated, and there are multiple brands vying for the user’s attention. So, how do you stand out when the stakes are high and the competition is tough?

In this article, we’ll talk about 5 ways you can make your video stand out among the others.

1. A Good Hook

The content of your video doesn’t matter if you don’t have a good hook. Users will only pause on your video for one or two seconds, if at all, and that’s all the time you’ll have to make them stay.

Include keyword phrases designed to catch the attention of your target audience. Create suspense or ask them a question directly that makes them pause for the answer.

And it doesn’t just end with a good hook either. Now that you have your audience’s attention, make sure to give them something that makes them glad they stayed. It could be information, or the answer to your initial question, or something that you know your target audience wanted to know in the first place.

2. Include Text

Most of the time, people watch videos on Instagram and Facebook without any sound. It hurts your brand and it hurts your engagement if your users don’t find your videos worth watching, or pause because of one reason or the other only to find that they need to turn the volume on to understand what’s being said.

Most of the time, they’ll keep scrolling. And every person who doesn’t engage with your post might be a customer lost. Adding text even gives you a unique opportunity to add some color and motion to your video.

Have the text appear and disappear from view in different ways. Maybe it pops up and out of sight in fun ways, maybe the colors of the text go well with the background and the video’s aesthetics.

3. Make a Script

It’s good to sound natural in your video- in fact, it’s probably best that you do. But that doesn’t mean that you should wing it either.

Sounding unprepared or beating around the bush in your video is something you can’t afford to do. There is a whole world of content at your viewer’s disposal that they can switch to any time, so if you don’t get right to the point and utilize every second of the video to tell them what you want to, you’ll hurt your business and brand.

4. Create a Good Looking Video

Content creators are beginning to understand the importance of visually appealing content now. People have more chances of pausing at a video they find beautiful and professional.

If you want to shoot indoors, invest in the proper lighting and some props to make your video look good. It might be a good idea to use a single colored sheet as the background to make your product or the subject of your video stand out. Make sure the colors don’t clash!

Another great idea would be to shoot outdoors. What’s stopping you from shooting at a beautiful spot in the forest or a bustling mall? Keep your brand’s identity and focus in mind, then choose the best looking option for your video.

5. Look Good!

If you’re going to be in the video yourself, make sure to look your best! Even if the video contains shots of the kitchen, living room, or just the product, you need to make sure that nothing looks sloppy or out of place.

It doesn’t serve you well to look unprofessional when you’re trying to attract people to your page- it’s the expertly made, high value and visually appealing and professional content that they’re looking for.

In the end, creating an eye-catching video is a combination of planning, good camera skills and a great location, so take your time in making it to make sure you get it right.

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