Can You Verify Mobile App Users and Is It Worth Your Time?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Verify Mobile App Users|Can You Verify Mobile App Users and Is It Worth Your Time?As an entrepreneur with a mobile app as either part of your business model or the whole thing, it’s a difficult part of the business to actively embrace. It’s certainly beneficial when people wish to engage with the brand in any fashion, but what’s it worth if it’s not known who they are? For this article, we look into verifying users, and what value it may hold.

Mobile App Strategic Business Models

Some companies offer mobile apps that will proving a meaningful way to interact with customers. The business models may include:

Advertising Based

An app that is monetized using advertising such as the Ad Mob platform from Google can be a primary revenue driver. This requires the app to be highly adopted and sticky enough that it’s frequently opened and used most days of the week. This leads to enough activity that ad revenue is reliably generated. However, millions of users are usually needed to profit substantially. It doesn’t require identification to be usable.

Subscription-based or Premium

A subscription-based model is essentially a premium version of the mobile app. There may also be a free version or a “freemium” one that is upgradable. Scant information through permitted access to certain aspects of the information stored on the mobile device provides little clarity. Taking a payment for the premium app may provide more, but it’s still not verified.

Lead Generator for Main Business

An app that acts as a lead generator for the main business serves a useful purpose. Being able to verify that they’re a real person either representing just themselves or on behalf of a business is useful. It ensures that valuable staff time won’t be wasted.

Supplemental to Main Business

An app that’s offered as a supplement to the main business is helpful too. It’s not always necessary to verify the user if they’re already a customer. However, it can provide greater clarity by using an automated tool to match their name to the phone number provided.

How Are Mobile App Users Verified?

There are companies that can provide a solution to enable quick verification in real-time on mobile app users. One such company is Cognito, found at, which provides an SDK to developers to incorporate their sophisticated technology into their apps. By checking the entered information from a user such as their name and contact number, it’s possible to get a quick confirmation score on the validity of this information. Dummy phone numbers and even incorrectly types names will get appropriately flagged.

Does Verification Change the Game?

Yes, it does. With the number of mobile users growing every day and up to 40 percent of online shoppers now, companies realize that they cannot ignore this kind of growth.

Being able to “automagically” identify the users of a mobile app when they supply a couple of pieces of information is a game-changer. The company can then understand where they are located and glean some statistics that are officially known. This helps the business to offer advanced features in response to the supplied information as an incentive to users.

Identifying at least some of the users of your mobile app proves extremely beneficial to companies, especially when the app is publicly available, and anyone could be using it. They can then build more reliable profiles about whom their users are, including their demographics, and shape their offering accordingly.

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