Get to know the five latest breakthroughs of the digital marketing world

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Digital Marketing|Get to know the five latest breakthroughs of the digital marketing worldA few years ago, concepts like artificial intelligence, voice and image search, and data-driven actions were incredible. Yet, they were idealistic ideas that would never make it a reality. Now, however, these are some of the most prominent forces shaping digital marketing. These new trends make marketing more targeted than ever and allow you to connect on a much deeper level with your customers. There’s no doubt that the upheaval of 2020 helped accelerate some changes that the marketing world was already seeing. It also helped create a great deal of uncertainty, making marketers realize that they needed to learn how to adapt to a rapidly evolving digital market. With this in mind, we can’t say for sure which trends will reign supreme in the coming years, but some latest breakthroughs do come out on top. Below, we’ll discuss some of the top breakthroughs in digital marketing and how you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Voice over internet protocol

VoIP is one of the most popular digital marketing tools these days, especially given the pandemic’s outbreak. Simply put, VoIP is a technology that turns your voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make phone calls directly from your computer. However, it also comes with a host of other features, including video calls, emails, and text messaging. VoIP can help streamline your business communications immensely by giving you a unified communication service that caters to all aspects of client relations. Going through different communication channels can be incredibly cumbersome for your communications team and can lead to delayed responses. Through VoIP, a centralized system helps you keep track of all queries and lets you address all concerns timely.

It is also much cheaper and easier to install than any other communications software. It doesn’t need any wires or complicated set-up. All you need is a working internet connection, and you’re good to go. When picking a VoIP provider, there are various factors you need to consider. You want a versatile provider who offers many services and can evolve with you as your business needs expand. You want an affordable budget with high-quality service you can rely on easily. However, it can be challenging to conduct such extensive research alone. Instead, you can work with a communication licensed operator like GetVoIP to avail of the best services as per your needs.

Progressive marketing

No matter what your niche is, progressive, inclusive marketing is one of the most pressing needs of the digital marketing world. Your marketing strategies and services now need to accommodate minorities and marginalized groups to create an inclusivity and acceptance atmosphere. Brand discrimination has played a vital role in shaping intolerant societal attitudes previously. Now it’s time for all companies, regardless of niche, to cater to discriminated groups. While this may be more of a social shift, it heavily influences marketing campaigns globally. Most shoppers now refrain from investing with a company that doesn’t reflect that inclusivity and diversity are essential.

By matching with customer values surrounding acceptance and diversity, you are likelier to build long-lasting relationships with your clients. Furthermore, by catering to a more diverse audience, you get the opportunity to bring in new customers too. Even incorporating various faces in your marketing campaigns or speaking about essential issues in your campaigns is going in the right direction.

Visual content

SEO optimization is one of the best ways to get immense organic traffic to your brand and fast. However, SEO rules keep evolving as user preferences change, and search engines adapt to give viewers the content they want. One of the latest breakthroughs in digital marketing is the increasing popularity of visual content. People prefer websites with visual content much more than readable ones, and 91% of all consumers now prefer visual and interactive content over static media.

The increasing rise of image-based platforms is indicative of the popularity of visual content nowadays. Visual content allows you to take storytelling to another level and make your message much more immersive. There are various ways you can incorporate visual content in your strategy.

Images are an excellent way of showcasing your brand’s best features in an attractive, eye-catching format. Infographics allow you to inform your client while retaining their attention. Videos are another beneficial way of giving your client a lot of information in a short time for better retention. However, it’s not just your clients that prefer visual marketing. Search engine algorithms now consistently rank webpages with optimized visual content higher than those without, letting you attract traffic hordes.

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation has been around for a while, but only now is it emerging as a revolutionary breakthrough. Customer segmentation revolves around the idea of challenging marketing norms. Instead of creating more extensive campaigns that cater to a broad audience, customer segmentation allows you to make smaller campaigns that cater to targeted groups.

Segmentation enables you to understand better the differences in your customer base and better suit their preferences.

You can create separate email campaigns for big and small spenders or create special offers based on gender or age. You can also understand which clients prefer your services and develop tailored newsletters to make more sales. Customer segmentation can help you save a lot of money and guarantees a more significant ROI than traditional marketing modes.

Semantic search

Semantic search is another up-and-coming trend in digital marketing about the study of semantics. Search engine algorithms now increasingly consider the context. To optimize for semantic search, you need first to analyze what your customers are looking for when they discover your brand. You want this analysis to be comprehensive, and you should understand the experience, answers, and content that your audience wants. You want to offer clients content that answers their questions and content that is people-optimized, with no keyword stuffing. Other areas to focus on include topic optimization, which helps organize your website for viewers and search engines alike, and internal linking.


There’s no doubt that the digital marketing world is evolving incredibly fast and getting much more sophisticated. These latest breakthroughs allow you to adapt to rapidly changing trends and ensure that you can form long-lasting connections with your clients. Furthermore, these breakthroughs offer a more significant ROI than traditional marketing strategies and prove much more lucrative for your business in the long run.

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