Mistakes People Make With Web Design

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Web Design|Mistakes People Make With Web DesignAfter considering things for a while, you decide that you want to enter the field of web design. But you want to avoid getting overwhelmed by all the intricacies… and want to get a good foundation. There are college courses for it, but instead of paying a lot of money to get a degree, you might want to consider a bootcamp.

Before you decide to sign up for a web design bootcamp, it’s a good idea to learn some things to avoid when it comes to making web pages. The bootcamp will fill in the rest, but here is a head start.

There Is Too Much on the Page

You want to create a website that is easy for people to follow. Sure, there may be a lot of things that you sell or have designed, but you don’t want any potential customers to look at your site with no clear idea where their eyes should be going. A busy site feels chaotic.

There Is Too Little on the Page

On the other hand, you don’t want to have too plain of a site. Having too much empty space makes it feel like you might not have much to offer. You want to have something that piques the interest of the customer.

There is not a Good Call to Action

One of the main purposes of a website is to get people to buy what you offer. They need something to latch onto… and if you have not given them that, then they will likely click right off the page. Then you will get little to no results, which is bad for your bottom line.

There is No Clear Navigation

You don’t want to have people looking at your site with no idea of where they need to go to accomplish what they want. There need to be clear headers that show where people should expect to land when they click on a certain link. Do not assume that it will be intuitive … doing that will wind up with your getting poor feedback.

These are just a few of the mistakes that people make with web design … it can feel like a field full of pitfalls. But if you build a good base and are willing to make adjustments from feedback, then you can get on a good path. Then you might be able to do this for a living.

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