Top Tips on Choosing the Right Imagery for Your Website

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Website Imagery|Top Tips on Choosing the Right Imagery for Your WebsiteThere are all sorts of different factors that make a great website, but there is no doubt that the quality of the images is bound to play a crucial role here. Choosing the right pictures can feel tough when you are trying to work out what people respond to well, but the following blog post aims to give you a bit of a helping hand in working out which ones to pick.

Prioritize Quality Over Everything

The most important factor in choosing the website imagery is that every single picture that you select is high quality. A low-rent and blurry image is an immediately off-putting sign for any customers, and it is more than likely that they are going to go elsewhere. It is a good idea to choose a top-quality picture, to begin with. If you are using one of your own, think about the device that it is taken on. There are also steps that you can take to improve the overall look and feel of the picture, such as WP Wheelie’s Image Optimisation Tool. By taking the time to reduce the file size without the quality being affected, you will be able to improve the speed of your website too. This, in turn, leaves a positive first impression on your customers and visitors.

Ensure They Are Relevant

While stock images can be useful in some situations, you do not want to become over-reliant on them. As more and more websites flood onto the internet, you can end up in a situation in which the same few pictures are used again and again. Instead, you should pick images that are directly relevant to your brand and business. Ideally, they should be taken by a professional photographer. Remember, the pictures are a crucial element that are making a big difference when it comes to giving the customer the overall impression of your business outfit.

Use Actionable Images

A big part of a website is all about the customer journey that you are taking them on. With this in mind, it is certainly going to be worth using images that are actionable. Essentially, this means that they have some sort of call to action within them, such as ‘subscribe to the newsletter’ or ‘get 10% off now’. This can help to be more noticed than simple text with the same message on it.

Combine People and Products

While photos of the products themselves can prove to be highly appealing and useful in certain situations, you should also try to combine people and products as best you can. This helps to take the imagination one step further and allows customers to think about themselves using the products that you have on offer.

There is no doubt that the imagery on a website can make such a big difference in terms of the sales that you are making and the overall impression that you are leaving of the brand. So, make sure that you are taking the time and care to put in the type of pictures that will be swaying people in the right direction rather than making them simply turn off and go elsewhere where everything looks better!

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