Transactional email API – quick guide!

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article, Transactional email API - quick guide!It is important that your customers are satisfied with the way your website works, so you need to invest in an email API provider, to maintain control over transactional email API processes, whenever they log in for the first time, sign up for the newsletter, or wait for their password to be reminded to them. Have a look at this quick guide on transactional email API.

What is a transactional email?

A transactional email is sent any time a user takes a certain action on your website or in your application. After they make a purchase, you need to send them a receipt. When they forget their password, it needs to be reminded to them. If they log in to your website, all the details must be sent to them. Sending such messages in a few seconds is crucial to the satisfaction of your customers, and to ensure it, all you need is an effective transactional email API.

The time of delivery is not the only important issue that you should consider while choosing the API email provider. One more crucial thing the users of your website require, is the consistency of reaching your customers’ inboxes, not the spam folder. What can be done to ensure it?

How do I choose a transactional email API provider

As we already know, thanks to the transactional email API sending process, such emails should arrive directly at the customers’ inbox in a few seconds. How is it even possible?

A cloud-service provider gives you the opportunity of using a dedicated IP for transacional traffic, which protects the messages from going into spam or other tabs. EmailLabs ensures such emails will be delivered in less than 0.16 seconds.

You should also take special care of statistical data, presented in real-time in order to optimise your performance for better results. What matters to you is the insight into ongoing traffic, and each individual message. Thanks to transactional API, your emails are stored as long as you need them, as evidence for the transactional emails to be sent.

It’s pretty important your messages are secure, thanks to TLS encryption, SPF and DKIM email authentication.

How to start using a transactional email API? 

To start using a transactional email API, first of all you have to integrate with SMTP services for sending emails. The business you run doesn’t matter, it may be ecommerce, accounting, biling, shopping, or Marketing Automation System. In any of the cases choose the service provider which will help you work on your email deliverability and keep control over customers’ engagement.

If you choose EmailLabs, you won’t have any problems with integrating the system, thanks to the libraries and code examples the company provides to make the process as easy as possible.

What are the benefits of a transactional API system?

  • Using a transactional API system your transactional emails will be sent fast, and their deliverability will be high, without the risk of the message going into spam folder.
  • You will have access to data on how many of your emails were opened, which will influence the newsletters you send. The number of emails opened by your customers gives you the information if your campaign is even successful, or maybe it should be moderated a bit to increase the openabilty rate.
  • The emails you send may be highly personalised, to increase the number of clicks of customers. The personalisation concerns customers’ previous behaviours, and their purchases.
  • Transactional API is also used for sending special offers and coupons, the incentive to take the advantage of the offer.
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