4 Essential Tips For Successful Email Marketing

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Email Marketing|4 Essential Tips For Successful Email MarketingEmail marketing is still one of the most effective ways of reaching new clients as well as convincing current clients to buy from you again. However, for your email marketing efforts to be successful you need to consider the following factors.


No one likes to think they are being sent an automated email, so make sure you personalize your communication with prospects as much as possible. One way to do this is to use a name@your.business email address, and adding in each recipient’s name can help a great deal too.

Additionally, coming up with creative subject lines (emojis seem to work well), and ensuring the content held within the email you send is personalized to your audience can make sure that you use the human touch to your advantage.

Increase your email list

Email lists are not static things. They are always changing as sometimes people will ask to be removed, while others will ask to be added. Although, as a business, your target should be to maintain a list that has enough addresses for your purpose. Just be sure to remember that the number of emails you send out will be much higher than the ones that provide you with the response you are looking for.

Indeed, with that in mind, there is nothing wrong with using some techniques to get email addresses on your list either. One way of doing this is to include a signup button on your website, social media profile, and just about anywhere else that will encourage people to opt in to your emails.

You can also use conferences, and events to collect email addresses as well, something that you can do by offering entry into a competition, or free gifts. It’s even possible to buy email list to help swell your business’s database. Indeed, by purchasing email contacts in this way you can ensure that you get the contact info of people more firmly in your target demographic, something that can help you turn such contacts into customers much more easily later on.

Before you send – TEST!

Every marketing email you send reflects on your business, and if you want to ensure they do so positively it’s vital that you edit and test every single one before you send it! Check every link, image, and shortcode on your copy and as they are displayed on different providers too. Then you can be sure that each recipient will get an optimized experience, and that each email will have maxim efficacy.

Say no to SPAM

Your emails won’t do much good if they only ever see the inside of a SPAM folder! With that in mind, you need to do all you can to ensure they hit the recipient’s main inbox.

One strategy for achieving this is to make sure that all the HTML that your emails contain is formatted properly, as this can set off SPAM filters. Also, one of the best ways to stay out of a SPAM folder is to not send SPAM. This means adhering to the regulation on this subject and avoiding cheesy subject lines and crazy punctuation.

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