Explainer Video for Your Business: Do You Really Need It?

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Explainer video|Explainer Video for Your Business: Do You Really Need It?Each second, the internet is flooded with thousands of videos. A study predicts that this year 2021, 80% of the total internet traffic will be from videos. This means you’re missing out on a massive opportunity if you’re not using video in your business.

In today’s digital era, you need to convey your product or service in a way that inspires your target market. But how? The answer lies in an explainer video.

What Is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is informative and communicates best what your company offers. It’s a small animated video that focuses on explaining different types of problems, businesses, or products and services in a simple way. Explainer videos help break down ideas to make them easier to digest.

Imagine how boring it’d be to start talking about the black hole in a traditional way. Your viewers will be leaving before you make your point. In fact, according to Insivia, explainer videos are the most efficient way to communicate a new product’s concept to a potential customer.

Why Your Company Needs Explainer Videos?

Basically, explainer videos come in a complete package that combines moving texts, graphics, animation, or any other form of communication you like to use to describe your business.

Let’s have a look at these four reasons why businesses prefer choosing an explainer video.

1. Grab Attention

Being able to grab someone’s attention in today’s age is an asset in marketing. It’s incredibly difficult to get notice of your target audience. It becomes even harder as a report supports that a human’s attention span is less than a goldfish.

So, to catch the attention of your desired target audience, you’ll need enticing video than traditional web content. When you look at a compelling animated video, it catches your interest and commands you to watch. It’s because the animation in an explainer video awakened your curiosity.

2. Explain Complex Topics

It’s hard to explain every product or service easily as it includes some technical aspects that require a detailed explanation. This is where explainer videos come in. They encourage the viewers to purchase the product by making them understand its use.

Survey says that around 98% of people learned something after watching explainer videos. An animated explainer video lets your audience have fun watching your characters facing problems and how they solve them through your product or service.

3. Retain Information in Customers’ Minds

There’s no point in creating videos if your potential customers don’t get what you’re trying to say. But if you use explainer videos, you can take advantage of its high retention rate. According to a case study, an explainer video of less than a minute has a 77% retention rate.

If you include a valuable message with your animated explainer video, conversion rates will increase. It will break down the concept or process for your audience and stick to your viewer’s minds. In addition, the viewers will share what they’ve learned due to a higher retention rate, either through word-of-mouth promotion or social media.

4. Increase Search Engine Rankings

Embedding explainer videos can significantly increase website traffic — the most critical factor that determines your success online. If you have no site viewers on your website, you can’t expect more sales to come in the future.

Google likes video. That if you search for a term, you’ll likely see a list of videos on the first page of results. Your website will get plenty of love from Google, and you’ll see a spike in organic traffic if you integrate high-quality types of videos in your page.

Around 1 out of 4 online buyers say that they look for a YouTube video online before purchasing. So if you have an interesting animation video on YouTube, then integrate it on your website, users will spend more time viewing your page. This will give more positive signals to search engines, boosting your site rankings and organic traffic.

Another good thing about organic traffic is that they’re free (you don’t pay for them through paid ads) and are highly targeted visitors. This means there’s a higher chance to engage them with your video content and lead them to buy your products if it gives them value.

Outsourcing the Video Production Process

Video production isn’t only about learning to use specific software. You need to be a master of storytelling, animation, writing a script, and many more. If you don’t have the right skills and experience in your arsenal, you must consider outsourcing the video production task.

If you’re handling different businesses and are short on time, a good video production company like www.dreamengine.com.au has the knowledge and skills to speed up video production. Outsourcing the creation of your explainer video lets you focus on other aspects of your business while a professional videographer is doing the work for you

Diversify Your Marketing Channels

Now that you what an explainer video can do to leverage your marketing strategy. It’s up tointo you to decide whether you really need it or not. But with its tons of benefits, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t be using an explainer video to diversify your different promotional channels in your business.

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