Four Key Web Design Rules For 2022 And Beyond

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Web Design Rules|Four Key Web Design Rules For 2022 And BeyondThese days even the smallest businesses are expected to have top-quality websites. This means that new entrepreneurs should be prepared to invest in them. You don’t have to build your website yourself. In fact, it’s usually best to delegate the building to a professional. It can, however, be useful to understand the key web design rules for 2022 and beyond.

SEO needs to be baked in

When the internet first started, web design and search engine optimization were separate disciplines with little to no crossover. Now, however, the design of your website can do a lot to help or hinder your SEO. Modern search engine algorithms now assess sites on safety and usability as well as content. This is why SEO has to be baked in from the start.

In some contexts, the effectiveness of your SEO will be seen as an indicator of your overall competence. This is particularly true of tech-related companies. For example, if you’re offering web design services in West Palm Beach then you’ll be expected to rank well for “website design west palm beach”.

Mobile-friendliness is a must

In the old days, people used to surf the net from a computer at their desk. Now, they can also surf it from mobile devices and they increasingly do. The experience of using a website from a computer is often very different from the experience of using a website from a mobile device. This means that websites have to be carefully designed to satisfy both groups of users.

At a superficial level, this means either having two separate websites for the two groups of users or having a single, responsive website. Effective, mobile-friendly web design must, however, go much further than this. It has to accommodate the very different ways and contexts in which the various devices are used.

For example, computers are generally used when you’re seated at a desk or table. Mobile devices can be used in all kinds of places and ways. Computers tend to have fairly large screens whereas mobile devices can have very small ones. Computers have keyboards, mobile devices don’t. In fact, mobile devices are often worked using one hand.

Voice search is now serious

Voice search has now matured to the point where it deserves to be taken very seriously. It’s particularly important for businesses targeting people who are actually on the move. Regardless of whether you’re driving or walking, you want (and often need) to keep your eyes focused on where you’re going. That’s why voice search is so useful.

Even if you’re not targeting people on the move, it’s often still useful to optimize your site for voice search. The growth of smart assistants, especially smart home assistants, is leading to growth in the use of voice search. Quite simply, it is or should be, a really convenient way of getting quick answers to straightforward queries.

Chatbots are go

Chatbots can be used for all kinds of purposes from collecting user feedback to answering basic queries. One of their most popular uses is as “first-responders”. In other words, they will try to help users themselves. If the query is beyond their capability, they’ll pass it on to a human agent. If it’s out of hours, they’ll take a message.

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