The Best Headless Ecommerce Platform to Use in 2022

StrategyDriven Online Marketing and Website Development Article |Headless Ecommerce|The Best Headless Ecommerce Platform to Use in 2022Over the past few years, many transactions have been made online, and because of this, ecommerce has undergone a massive overhaul. The final result of this is the rise of headless ecommerce. Headless ecommerce simply refers to an advanced method of online trade that allows businesses to focus on customers and products while the solution provider handles the back-end operation of the platform. It provides sites that are faster, more personalized to the client, and more customizable.

Moreover, the integration of essential tools and systems is simple due to the API-first implementation. A headless ecommerce platform is very secure and has ample servers.

Are you planning to start trading through a headless ecommerce platform? If so, we have provided you with the top headless ecommerce platforms to choose from this year.

Headless Ecommerce Platform: Virto Commerce

Would you like to broaden your business’s ecommerce operation by having unlimited channels and the best client experience with every channel you use and for every customer? Well, the only way you can try these out is by using the top headless ecommerce platform in 2022, which is Virto Commerce. This platform ensures that every business can achieve its goals by increasing the chances of attracting more customers and making more sales.
It has different channels that the business can use to conduct business. Moreover, the platform is very flexible, meaning that the business can add or even make a change to channels if they need to. This process has no risks.

Shopify Plus

If you have been in the ecommerce world for some time, you might have heard of this popular headless ecommerce platform. Many stores across the world are using this platform because of the various advantages it comes with.
Shopify Plus is mainly built to be used by enterprise companies. It helps users by separating front-end and back-end operations. This, in turn, gives users the best experience. With this headless ecommerce platform, a traditional store is turned into a modern one by being provided with various integrations and the like.

Headless Ecommerce Platform: BigCommerce

As the name suggests, this is a very popular headless ecommerce platform around the world. With customization features, excellent performance, and easy-to-use steps, the platform is ideal for any business in 2022. If your company requires more tools, for example, solutions for processing payments, this platform readily provides them.

All businesses are formed to grow and make more money. With BigCommerce as your trading platform, you will achieve all your business goals.


Are you looking forward to building modernized ecommerce stores for your business? CommerceLayer is just the headless ecommerce platform you need. This platform is easy to use and very secure. Any business can create a new website and integrate various popular features such as inventory management and more.


Are you a B2B trader looking for the best headless ecommerce platform to use this year? Have you considered trying OroCommerce? This platform is mainly built to be used by B2B traders like manufacturers, wholesalers, and more. It provides them with an online business platform, different payment methods, and more.


With any of the above headless ecommerce platforms, your business has a bright future. Your customers will have a great experience, while your company makes huge profits. You will also reach a wider market within a short time. Your business should enjoy the advantages of using one of these this year.

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