What Is CRO Marketing?

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The marketing world is ever-evolving so you should always aim to stay ahead of the game in order to keep your business relevant. Increasing traffic to your website is one way to do that, but it isn’t enough to simply increase web traffic. You also have to convert that web traffic into actionable results. CRO marketing is a powerful tool business owners can use to do just that.

So what exactly is CRO marketing? We’re glad you asked because we’re kind of experts at it. Here’s a breakdown of what CRO marketing is and how you can use it to your advantage.

CRO Marketing Explained

CRO (conversion rate optimization) marketing is the process of drawing customers to your site for the purpose of converting them to the next step. That next step could be booking a consultation, signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase. If someone visits your website and then simply leaves the page, it makes it far more difficult to convert that visitor into a customer and get the sale. However, if a visitor takes an actionable next step, such as filling out a contact form to learn more, you have a greater likelihood of converting that visit into a sale.

In a nutshell, successful CRO marketing results in a greater number of customers taking the desired next step. In order to use CRO marketing effectively, you have to first determine your business priorities.

For instance, do you want to compel more customers to sign up for your newsletter? Or perhaps you want to drive more customers to sign up for a free trial so you can show them what your product or service is able to offer. Maybe you just want someone to purchase the products you sell, either physical or digital.

Prioritize your business’s objectives, and then you’ll be in a better position to determine how best to start your CRO marketing strategy.

How to Implement CRO Marketing Into Your Business Strategy

Once you’ve prioritized your business goals, brainstorm ways to attain the desired result. For instance, if your goal is to have more people subscribe to your newsletter, make the subscribe button more prominent on your website. Then track your changes to ensure they’re achieving the desired result.

There are a number of tools you can use to monitor the changes you’re making. For instance, Yieldify allows you to test up to five different website designs at a time. You could switch up the look and layout of your website to determine which one is best at improving conversion rates. You also have the option of tracking changes against a control group. Yieldify can deliver results in as little as 14 days so you’ll know in just a matter of weeks which changes are having the most impact.

For example, if you want more people to subscribe to your company newsletter, you may want to include a pop-up graphic that features the sign-up button more prominently. However, let’s say that while a pop-up graphic may be difficult to miss, you’re also concerned it will be annoying or frustrating to site visitors. Simply test it against a control version of the site to see whether it has the intended effect.

You can even compare multiple versions of the pop-up graphic. For instance, one offering a 20 percent discount code for those who sign up for the newsletter and one without the discount. Comparing the sign-up numbers will allow you to determine whether offering an incentive will actually boost your newsletter subscribers.

If you would prefer to try a free tool, then test out Google Optimize. Simply click on the “Start for free” button in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Google Optimize will build on your Google Analytics data to identify key areas of improvement for your site. Experiment with the tool free of charge to get a sense of whether the data is useful before making a monetary investment.

If the data is useful, you can continue experimenting with the many CRO marketing tools available. There’s a wide array catering to a range of budgets and business needs. For example, certain tools, such as Hotjar and FullStory, use heat maps so you can better understand how users interact with your website and gather other data about consumer behavior.

How CRO Marketing Can Grow Your Business

Navigating your business without access to data and real-time feedback can be like trying to find your way through a forest at night. Give yourself the knowledge you need to set your business up for success.

Need a little assistance navigating the CRO marketing landscape? A marketing agency like InnoVision Marketing Group can craft a personalized digital strategy for your business, one designed to get you timely results. Save money and energy by allowing us to put our skills and expertise to work developing the right CRO marketing plan for you. They’ll do all the heavy lifting, data crunching, and behind-the-scenes work so you can focus on managing and growing your business on the front end.

How exactly does a digital marketing agency make this happen? Through targeted strategies that include real-time optimization, extensive analytics reporting, and digital fraud protection, they use the tools and connections at their disposal to make your brand stand above the rest.

Knowledge is power. When you partner with an agency like InnoVision, you’ll have access to the information you need to outshine the competition. They’ll show you how to increase conversion rates while increasing your bottom line in the process.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, InnoVision Marketing Group is ready to help get you there. Simply reach out to learn more. They’ll brainstorm a customized marketing strategy unique to your business—a strategy that’s designed to maximize potential and growth.

The sky’s the limit. When you partner with the team at InnoVision, you can reach for the stars and beyond.

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